On the way back home.

Well, apologies again for arriving a little later than anticipated but as always it’s good to find the time to sit down and write. Despite the mild cliff hanger I left you all on last time, (and getting it out the way at an early stage) unfortunately the lad I was meant to be fighting pulled out with a knee injury a few days before I flew out for the show. These things when it comes to all things martial do happen, and I wish him well and that he’s back on the horse soon.

That aside, the event in itself was excellent and I had a whale of a time and even caught a Muay Thai seminar with Pete Irving  the next day.  I’m hoping that next time an opportunity like that comes round I get a shot at it. Speaking of seminars this week, despite being full of Thai as is currently the norm yesterday I did something a little different and got stuck into some excellent Tai Chi self defense.

I’m a big fan of what some people “scruffy arts” and if you thought there was nothing to Tai Chi you would be completely and utterly wrong. It breaks bones and destroys people. It does it with a lot of finesse too. It’s good to keep your mind broad when it comes to all things martial and it was good to be able to take something away, and of course the same applied to the Thai seminar too. Martial arts has been and always will be an investment in myself.


So after a good run today (5k with sprints) and feeling my fitness improving as well as weight gradually coming off I’m feeling well and truly motivated to focusing on what lies ahead. I’m pleased to say when it comes to what lies ahead  I should be getting matched up for a show a little closer to home than the last one next month in sunny Wales. (And it better be sunny.) I’ll know a little more over the next week or so but it’s a good feeling knowing I’m absolutely committing myself to training again and that little by little I’m heading back home.

Of course, between now and then there’s a lot of work to do and a hell of a lot of graft ahead but as always I’m looking forward to the push. You can’t beat training when there’s something to point yourself at. Training goals are important, but fighting goals are awesome. There’s still something left in the tank and it’s good to find the time again.

When it comes to martial arts I’ve always been very much an open book but as I’ve trained I’ve learnt to find what works and what doesn’t reasonably quickly. I’m quite pleased with sparring at the moment in particular, and I think I’ll keep practicing what I know I can use well and build on. Maybe I still need to open up a little but as long as it’s effective then it’s a big thumbs up from me.

The trick is not to become predictable  so I’m spending a little more time thinking about range and waiting for the moment. A good Thai fight can often escalate into a series of increasingly brutal counter attacks with both fighters doing their best to become the aggressor. I think it’s important for me to stay sharp and keep the pressure on but not throw kicks for the sake of kicking and to keep looking for the openings. (something I’m getting better at.)

So, as you can probably tell I’ve got my game face on at present when it comes my training and everything else attached. The old saying “never give up” always rings true and as long as I’m facing the right direction, all I have to do is keep walking. Have a great week, train hard and I’ll see you on that road.




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