You and me.

Well, I thought I should check in to keep this blog of mine up to speed. It’s not been a bad week training and I’m really excited about heading overseas next week. I’m not just looking forward to the fight although that’s the priority but the whole weekend too. Flight booked, accommodation sorted.. yeah. Good times ahead.  This is is something I’ve been wanting to do for about the past 2 years and it’s going to be good to step up again.

It’s a good feeling knowing that I’m at the first stage of finally achieving a goal.  It’s a good feeling seeing that goal in front of me knowing I’m about to step into it, that I’m actually making this happen and that’s yes it’s real. It’s a great feeling that I can finally shut down the critics internal or otherwise, and start listening to the guy who might be a little better than he thinks he is. I cope well under pressure. I stay focused.

Yeah. Sometimes you have to listen to yourself and you have to keep pushing yourself forward. Do I sound a little arrogant? over confident? You know.. maybe sometimes I can be like that when it comes to fighting. Maybe I’ve got bored of staying where you want me to be. Either way, I’m only ever just me and  I’m going to be with a good team on the day and in all round good company. It’s good to be back.



“it’s good to be back.” I keep saying it to myself. And it’s good to know that despite the butterfly nerves that have started rising up from time to time I’ll be ready by the end of my last week of training. If I’ve set my intention to make this happen then now is the time to make sure that intention is set on winning. It has been but I still don’t feel as pushed as I should be.

I let my inner critic tell me  that no one gives a fuck about me doing this again but then remember that’s not true. I give a fuck. The relationship between me and my old fight trainer became toxic and  I’ve never really got why, but we achieved quite a lot together and I don’t forget things like that. These days I have good people around me.

I’ll have good people around me out there too. These days I surround myself with good.  I’m glad I’ve found my new home but I have only ever wanted to fight for me. The only person I have something to prove to is me.

I think this summer I’m going to have check in with some very old friends from when I used to train and fight out of Sakprasert in Bournemouth. I want to start networking again with people on the fight circuit and with the help of my current gym find what I’m looking for because there’s still something left in the tank.

So anyway, next week is nearly upon us. I’m going to start it how I finished this one with a run at some point in the day.  I’ll put down work and procrastination and just go and do it. Sprint training hasn’t been fun and it’s harder than I remember but I know that every little helps, then Tuesday and Thursday is the last big ones before the weekend. I’m sure when I’m in it and it’s real  before I get in the ring I’ll be afraid. I know fear. Me and fear are old friends. Here’s to turning it into fire. Have a good week, train hard fight easy and just like that last time..I’ll see you on that road.





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