Softening the sharp edges.

Well, it’s another warm evening here and it’s been a good night training. I’m planning to start tomorrow morning with a decent run before yet another busy day with work. I seem to flow from marginally busy to flat out very quickly, but of late I’ve kept on top of training. In fact it’s fair to say that I’m training all the time again and really with what I should have coming up and what I want to achieve this year I guess that can only be a good thing.

Running is never easy in the heat but its good to find its improving my fitness little by little and I’m enjoying adding sprints into the mix. In fact I even went running with a bag full of weights after training last Saturday. That was good fun and a good push. Besides if you don’t run, then you don’t fight

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. In fact I’ll keep reminding myself of that fact till I’m blue in the face. It’s a long road and good stamina is essential. Sometimes it can make or break a fight. That aside there’s a few things I want to improve this week. I guess if I went into the ins and outs that would be giving my game away. I can still fight well  and that’s the main thing. The rest comes together when I least expect it to. It’s not easy but it was never meant to be. It’s good to be back.


I’ve been practicing walking meditations of late to work on focus. It’s very easy sometimes to let the internal chatter get louder than you’d like so I do my best to stay in the now It shuts down the internal and often external chatter and distractions in a heart beat. It’s always interesting what I notice.

If your looking for a little guidance here outside of what’s in the link above. Ask yourself what your next thought is going to be and you’ll understand what I mean. Too many people these days lose themselves in smart phones and other devices. It’s amazing what you notice when you switch off and look.

Before you think I’ve decided to venture into the world of self help, staying in the here and now is an important part of my fight training. I’m big on mindset and focus when it comes to combat itself because fighting used to terrify me. Sparring as much as possible not only gets me sharper physically it helps mentally too.

Cutting out the mental chatter helps me focus on the task at hand. Even when something happens that catches me off guard  it means I stay calm and I stay focused. I stay present. The past is the past and the future hasn’t happened yet. When it comes to fighting or anything else.. all that matters is the here and now.

Besides, I’ve always competed with myself because there’s no one similar so that means I’ve always aimed to be the best I can be and not what others tell me I should be. Sometimes that means no matter what I do it’s never enough. I guess nothing is ever really finished.

Getting myself training regularly again has been a tough battle but I’m hoping with new goals to point at the sky is still going to remain the limit. I’m looking forward to another week of martial goodness and still have my sights firmly pointed at mid month. I’ll know for certain later in the week.

So with running back on track, training getting better and a tough week at the gym ahead. “It’s true that the more you put in the more you get out.” I said that once. Being honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Have a great week, and just like the last time.. I’ll see you on that road.





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