Bio: Determined, tenancious and enjoying the journey. I also have a head made out of metal and shins like Robocop. My record for my current gym over 10 fights is 3 W 2 D 5 L. But all in all I have had 15 fights. I've been competing since October of 2010 and have fought on shows on the south coast and in the south west of the UK. I started training in 2007 in Gosport at Sitwatnoi gym as they are now called, and originally fought for Sakprasert gym in Bournemouth after finally escaping the 'Pompey trap'. I moved to Bristol in 2012 , and my current gym is Bristol Thai and I also train with Combat Warriors too. I've competed mainly at an amateur level but have fought once at B class or semi pro level. To me fighting isn't always about winning or losing but it's something I enjoy doing and intend to see how far it takes me. Along the way I've won a WRSA light weight area title in 2013 (lost in Feb 2015) and I am a current K1 Champion. All I know is that in fifteen years time your still going to find me in a gym training hard and just as tenacious as ever. Outside of the competitive arena I've got a real interest in older forms or styles of Thai Martial arts i) and I have a passion for martial arts in general.

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