Conversations with myself.

You know I don’t think I meant to have a slightly longer pause than planned writing this blog. In that respect I think I owe you an apology. Procrastination often catches me off guard these days so for now, I can only assure you that it won’t happen again.

I realized the other day that I’ve been meaning to do a lot of things of late and although the year is still pretty new (although already moving by at an alarming rate of knots) I’ve already got a list of goals mentally turning into a list of “When I get around to it”. That can be dangerous for someone like me because I know that talk is cheap and bullshit runs a marathon.

Therefore, as an immediate fix I’ve decided to start writing everything down once again. It’s funny the effect seeing a list of what you want to achieve (or in my case a page full of scribble that only I can decipher) in front of you does. It brings it all a little closer home that it was before.


Procrastination and negative thinking can get in the way of a lot I set out to do, and my biggest enemy has always been myself. It’s funny because at points it’s very easy to think I’m the only person in the history of doing “this sort of thing” whether it be training, fighting, or running my own business that has these doubts and these fears.

When you get to the point where you realize that you’re not alone and you never have been alone you start to win inside. To achieve what I set out to achieve I need to ensure not only that I have the right attitude but that I have the right people around me.

I’ve found that seeing what’s ahead as a challenge rather than an obstacle will usually help me overcome  and if my environment or the people  around me are what can be deemed as “toxic” then I’ll change them without a second thought. I’ve been lucky enough throughout my Thai boxing career to be surrounded by people that aim to bring out the best in me. Detractors that I’ve encountered know what they can do.

The one thing I am and always have been is determined. Bloody minded and tenacious in my approach. But adopting this attitude I’ve managed to change a lot in my life including my career. I run a reasonably successful small IT consultancy that is still young and I never thought I’d stick with it. I never thought I’d step in a ring but I did and I never thought I’d step back in a ring but this year I will. So there you go.

So when I Look at my list of what I’ve got in store for this year I feel a little daunted. A little bit overwhelmed but also already marginally accomplished. I feel accomplished because I’m making it real. If I can write this blog I can finish my book. If I can step in a gym then I can step back in a ring., If I can get two regular customers then I can get another ten. The possibilities are endless. Isn’t that exciting?

Goal setting at points makes me feel brave. I’ve learnt to stay humble and keep my feet on the ground but inside I know I can do it. Everything I want to achieve this year I will. It’s just a matter of time. Have a great week and train hard. I’ll see you on that road.



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