The long read.

Hello. It’s nice to have made it back again, despite what has been threatening to become yet another day and evening of procrastination I’ve decided to get a few things done  although there’s not much left of Sunday to do them in. So where have I been hiding the past couple of weeks you might ask? Well no where really. I’ve just been busy. Getting stuff done and soldiering on as usual. It’s a long road…

Despite thinking  I was due to get my training back up to the place it needs to be again I was ever so slightly disappointed to find that Wednesdays have been replaced with a boxing class and that the weekends are currently sitting in hiatus.

That’s life as the saying goes but it’s also given me an incentive to take things into my own hands a little (but also not go Ronin like one of my trainers moaned at everyone about the other week. Honest, Dave. You can trust me.) and  start filling out the gaps where gaps need to be filled. So far, I’ve filled out a missing two.

I’ve come to the conclusion that if I want to fight again this year I need to start taking training seriously again too. Despite the week currently being thin on the ground martially I’m doing my best to get things right and train hard each session. I went through a stage of finding reasons to leave a little earlier some nights. (Although I do have to work late sometimes )

I’ve finally managed to snap out of that little negative cycle (mainly because of Dave. Cheers.) and stay to the end. I guess if you’re not going to be there from start to finish you might as well stay at home. Although I’m looking to increase quantity at present, I’m pleased the time I currently do spend in my second home is time well spent.


I think I need some kind of life hack right now because I’m already falling into some of the same traps that got me last year. I found a lovely run yesterday and I think I need to stop making excuses and make sure I’m doing a big run more than once a week. I seem to get distracted easily these days either that or I’m just lazy.

There’s lots to be said for dropping a few kilograms too and eating less crap so let’s see if I can get my diet on track. Being honest, it’s not that bad but could be better. I’ll try to get a little more vegan and fish and less pastry than I have been of late. I’ve also decided to cut out alcohol in the week. As soon as I have something on the cards it’ll be no booze full stop. I’ve also taken to training with a hoody on again and 2 layers underneath.

All of these things, as minor, nerdy and not very fun as they may seem all add up to getting me back in the right place to achieve good things this year. I don’t want to be sitting here in 2019 wishing I did everything I said I would in 2018, I know where that little road takes you and it’s no where fast. It’s very easy to write about what I’m going to achieve and how I’m going to get back to “fighting me” but the proof is in the pudding as the saying goes. It’s lucky I can keep my sweet tooth in check because a statement like that could lead to big trouble.

amwriting (1)

Then there’s the writing. Man. That has become a tough one to get on top of. Over a year ago I started a writing project called “last of the good guys” and over a year it’s still waiting to be finished. I’ve given up on finding excuses not to write so as of tomorrow and after a run I’m taking some power back and getting it moving again. Last year, I promised myself it would be finished by October. This year I’m promising myself it will be first draft ready by August. I’m also in the final year of an Open University degree. I don’t do things by halves.

You know, I can’t help but wonder how I must come across on this little blog of mine some days. There’s a lot of I wills and not enough I did it’s anymore so if I do one thing this year I’m going to make sure I do everything I say I will. I kind of did that last year but got side tracked along the way too. So far, 2018 hasn’t been a bad one. It’s keeping me on my toes but procrastination just won’t relent. It’s a monster that tells me to do it tomorrow. It really frustrates me because I’ve only ever lived for today.

Monday is just around the corner and I’m setting my alarm for a frightening 7.00 am. I start work at 8.30 (I was planning to have the morning off but I’ll only regret it in the end. ) so that gives me enough time to get that run in and write a 1000 words. I’ll check in with you on Twitter when it’s done. Monday challenge. Bring it on. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to the week ahead. Martial challenges and life in general are all about graft. It usually yields the best results. Have a good week, train hard and just like the last time.. I’ll see you on that road.

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