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Long road

Afternoon all and happy Monday. It’s nice to finally find the time again to catch up. Sorry, I’m late. Like all good bus drivers, I get there in the end. Training as always this end has been going well although I have to admit I’ve started to slow down a little as we get closer to the end of the year. I’m putting that down to feeling Christmasy.

Despite that, I’m enjoying my time at the gym and I’m already excited about what 2020 may bring. As it stands with exciting things happening at my current camp and a new relationship beginning with old friends at another I think I’m going to be spoilt for choice!

This year, despite it’s up and downs has been a good one training-wise. I’ve dropped the ball and picked it up again, considered very briefly putting it down for good and carried on as normal. I’ve listened to what’s been said to me despite not wanting to hear it and do my best to improve. Slowly but surely I’m getting there but as always it’s a long road.

And at the end of the year, I’m happiest knowing that I’ve got the capacity to put a lot more time and effort into my training, in fact, I’ve started to take it seriously again. Last week, I even caught myself trying something new in sparring which was a nice surprise. It’s just the little things sometimes that help build a bigger picture and give me focus.

Despite having a rocky return when it comes to competing I’m still keen to keep fit, keep active and keep fighting and hope that next year more opportunities arrive. I’m happiest when I’ve got some positive goals to work towards and think I can currently achieve my personal 6 month time frame of making the improvements I need to fight again. It’s a tough martial art and a tough sport and I need to work hard to be at my level best.

My focus is improving in lessons and I’m enjoying the freedom of open mat sessions. I still need to work on my mindset a little more. As Sitsongpeenong would say “stand your ground” when under pressure. Don’t give an inch and never back down. Like everything else. that’s a work in progress.

I’m looking forward to my last week of training before Christmas and the new year and intend to make it a good one. It may be a long road but it’s one I still love, and just like the last time, I’ll see you on it soon.



Hi. It’s good to catch up as always and most importantly it’s nice to be back on my regular Sunday slot. Now I feel like a talk show host or radio presenter. How’s your week been? mine’s been good. Training a lot as always, finishing the week off marginally injured from a few knocks in sparring but doing well. I’ve been slack with running this week so intend to play road work catch up from Monday onwards.

Over the weekend I’ve been thinking about how I can start developing myself in training more than I’m trying to already. I think at the moment I’ve got a solid game plan and it’s nice to train with people at varying levels of experience. I keep pushing myself and I know that I need to start doing a little more than I am already to really improve.

A while back now it was said to me that I’m never really going to change immensely as a fighter but I know the one thing I can do is build my skills and get better at my style of fighting. That style although unique to me is pressure fighting. People call me a forward fighter. I guess I am and always will be.


I noticed sparring this week that I’m getting the level of aggression I need to fight like this back and at points, I do some good work.  I also noticed at points I’m hesitant and sometimes I need to bide my time and stand my ground rather than rush in unchecked. On Saturday I played around with holding my position with a tricky boxer who kept out of range all the time. Sometimes it’s fun letting them come to you to see what you can do.

Earlier on in the week, I sparred with a more experienced fighter that I kept a very aggressive pace with. I did with a few people in fact. Eventually, I got swept and caught a few times but hey. Sometimes you have to work. Even if you miss, even if you get caught you can’t let it phase you and you have to keep fighting.

I’m well aware I need to work on timing and look for my shots more. Sometimes I get frustrated and give my game away. This too will pass and I guess I’ll remember that fighting is about being in the moment.   I’m finding that the constant critic is getting less vocal the harder I train.

I’m still taking time at home now and again to try to improve my hip mobility but this week I’ve not done it as much as I should so next week I’ll do more.  Slowly but surely I’m getting my head back in the game again and these days when I walk into the gym I remind myself to leave my troubles at the door.

If I’m thinking about work and general life stuff I switch on from the moment I walk up the stairs. It’s not perfect but it’s improving.I’m getting my focus back. If I want to step up again it has to be 150% or not at all.

Next weekend is my birthday but to remain consistent and most importantly disciplined large one or no I’ll do my best to catch up with you again next Sunday. Same time same place?. Great. It’s a date then. I have Grammarly on standby. I thought I’d leave you this week with a little of one of my favourite fighters, yep you guessed it Pornsanae Sitmonchai turning up the heat when it counts the most. Train hard, fight easy and just like the last time.. I’ll see you on that road.


Where progress lives

Hi. Sorry, I’m a little later than anticipated but as always it’s good to catch up. I hope Monday fairs you well and has been a productive start to the week. I never seem to get on that well with Mondays. I spend half the day not doing too much then about 4 hours taking work seriously. The internet like life is full of distractions.

Training at the moment is still heading in the right direction (being honest, I don’t actually think there’s a time when it isn’t ) and I’m slowly picking the running up again. Last weekend I headed down to a gym I trained at way back when and got some sparring in with some old training pals.

Everyone there like at my current place is at a good level so it was nice to see how I fared against old and new faces. I seem to be improving I’m pleased to say, so next year as is the  plan intend to get myself fighting again. With the support of my gym of course.


I’ve been Thai boxing for nearly 13 years now and although it’s taken its time things are starting to come together more naturally for me. I’ve also found that my flexibility is improving a little. I put some of that down to having to kick a little higher than I’d like with most people, and the majority down to actually listening to my trainers for once and practicing mobility stretching at home.

I think I still need to do a little more in sparring,  but my cardio is ok and I can keep the pressure on when it counts. This week I intend to start trying some sweeps in sparring and all that good stuff. I need to work on ways to close the tall and dangerous down and make it so they don’t want to kick me anymore.

I’m also going to start spending time working on my mindset a little more and keep that aggression switch on. I’m sharp at present so want to use that to my advantage. It’s a long road and as always all of the above is a work in progress. When a friend of mine told me many years ago it takes a long time to get good at martial arts he wasn’t joking. I still have a lot to learn.

I think it’s important at present to find people that I know are going to push me to be at my very best and a change of scenery from time to time can keep that particular landscape varied and challenging. It also means I can put in a good amount of work in every week. Next time I fight I’ve decided to train 6 times a week for it. Whenever that may be. In the meantime, I’m doing my best to match that training regularly because I think that’s where progress lives.

Training and fighting require a lot of self-discipline so it’s good to find myself heading back towards the right places. Next on the agenda is getting my hit and miss timekeeping sorted out. Procrastination is still my enemy and as the saying goes sometimes the hardest bit about training is getting there. On that note, I’m currently putting off the rest of Monday evening so for now, that’s all she wrote and just like the last time.. I’ll see you on that road.

Catch up.

Hi, nice to finally find the time to catch up with you and I hope all is going well in your world when it comes to all things martial. Things as always are moving in the right direction here. Yesterday training, (in fact just like last weekend ) I was pleased to find that I’m getting sharper as well as faster.  There’s always room for improvement but my technique seems to be getting better so I guess the hard work is paying off.

At this stage, that’s really what I want and there are a couple of contributing factors, the first and for me, the most important being is that I’m training a lot again and when I train a lot the better I seem to get. Last weekend saw me do my first interclub in a while locally at the awesome Bristol Punch Up (You can find out a little more about them in the link) and I also had a go at reffing a few K1 bouts which was a new experience for me and something I really enjoyed.

It’s nice to see some new clubs emerging in Bristol and what’s even more inspiring is that the “left” gym ( anti-racist, feminist and non discriminatory at its core, but open to anyone who sees humans as humans ) concept seems to be spreading around the UK, taking inspiration from awesome camps such as Freedom Fighters, White Tiger Muay Thai and others in Europe.

There were a few gyms who came last week (Red Corner and Brighton Left Hook to name a couple  ) with fighters all at different levels of experience and the matchups were very good. Well done to all who took part!

I made the mistake of having a night out on the tiles the day before so my first bout wasn’t as lively as my second (I was reminded that hangovers and combat sports don’t mix. I’ll stick to the golden rule from here on in.)   but my second wasn’t too bad at all. I came away from the experience deciding that I need to do a few more inter clubs before I step back into the square ring again. It’s a confidence booster and gets you used to the pressure.


I want to be ready to fight again within the next 6 months and think if I keep moving forward in the direction I am at present it’s absolutely going to be an achievable goal. When it comes to training unless your goal setting your doing it wrong. Besides, the journey isn’t going to stop when I finally decide to stop competing. Muay Thai is a complete system and there’s a lot to explore.

In terms of exploration of the martial art, I train in I’m keen to get back into some decent clinch work so starting this week I’m going to train with some old pals of mine just clinch sparring. It’s nice to have all areas of what I do up to speed and I enjoyed a clinch seminar I went to at the end of the interclub last Sunday hosted by Pete Irving. It was good to work basics and there were a couple of new things I learned too.

I’ve put myself in a position where I can now train 6 days a week if I want to, and like a kid in a sweet shop, I’m starting to feel a little spoilt for choice. It was good to catch up with Sweatbox here last weekend, I like the new gym! it’s been a while since I paid them a visit! 🙂 equally, I’m enjoying training in the mornings as well as evenings at my current camp “Knock n roll” (It’ll always be Combat Warriors to me)  too.

At the moment my heart is telling me “just train” so I go out and put in as much as I can. Investing in myself has always been my favourite thing, and besides an early December break is planned so I need to make the most of the last few weeks of the year. (Although I’ll no doubt find the time overseas too.)

I’m hoping the rest of the week continues to head in the right direction and of course I need to make sure I keep my running up to speed. You don’t run then you don’t fight as they say… So, as Wednesday afternoon rapidly heads towards Thursday morning I’ve realized I’ve got a load I need to get done and being honest I could talk to you forever about this journey of mine. Let’s catch up again on Sunday. I promise not to be late. Have a good week, and just like the last time… I’ll see you on that road.







Sooner than you think

Hi. Finally, I’ve found the time to sit down and write this blog of mine. As always it’s good to catch up and I hope Monday sees you well. I hope of course when it comes to all things martial that training is going well.  I’m pleased to say that things are moving in the right direction this end. Consistency and volume are staying at a decent level but there are lots of other improvements I need to make in the short term. I hope when I do, they have long term benefits.

I was looking forward to fighting in December but as I mentioned a few blogs ago I was expected to have made some improvements between then and now and because my trainers aren’t happy with me fighting again until I do, it looks like the next one will be next year.  I’m confident I’ll be back in the ring soon and being honest, I can understand why my coaches have got reservations at present.

A while back, I would have taken the decision not to let me fight in December badly and although I know I can look after myself in there and I’m tough to boot but at the moment I need to start pushing myself to get better than what I am. It’s fair to say that at present I would not have an easy time.

I’ve had 19 fights so far and I know that it’s not going to get any easier. Experience is one thing but so is personal development. Besides what’s the point in learning something if you’re not going to make an effort to put what your being taught into practice? when one of my trainers sent me an angry text saying not only am I consistently late to his class but that I’m not making progress and I lack discipline I took it pretty personally.


Dave wrapping my hands at Elbow Fest Cardiff summer  2018. My first fight back after 3 years out the ring. Ironically, I fought better on this show than I have in my last 2 fights. 

Sometimes, I take a lot of things personally. But that’s just me. It wasn’t until a couple of days later that what was said to me sunk in. I realized that I do need to improve not just my technique and at least try to develop but I need to improve my attitude towards fighting again.

It’s a tough world in there and experience or not, there is absolutely no point in fighting if I’m going to get taken to pieces in there. I enjoy the combat but I want to be at my best and I haven’t had my head in the game for a good few months now.

Thankfully, that is starting to improve and I know this is the truth because I am training and running a lot again. That’s the first step in the right direction. The next step is to make sure I practice what I preach and get my time keeping right and learning head-on. If I’m going to box again it has to be all or nothing. I can’t walk into the gym carrying mental baggage. I’m only human but I hope you know what I mean. I need to make sure my focus is on the here and now. When I’m training, it should have my undivided attention.

My other trainer has said to me I really need to work on mobility and flexibility. if I’m serious about fighting I need to make sure the engine is running as it should and I guess a bit of fine-tuning never hurt anyone. If I reel off what I intend to do to help with these areas I’m going to make myself sound about 90 plus so I’ll let my pride hold out for now. All you need to know is that I’ve listened and it’s been taken seriously as well as onboard.

One of the most important things I have to do at present is set a time scale for myself as to when I think I’ll be ready. When I have a goal to work towards it’s a lot more positive than an indefinite ever-changing goal post. I know that there is still no landrover so I keep training. I think I’ll be up to speed in 6 months. I think that’s a good goal to set. The knowledge is there it’s just the areas above that need refining.

I want to come back stronger and better than I’ve ever been. It would be nice to finally finish this part of my journey with a few more wins under my belt so at the moment that’s my goal. Win my next three fights. It’s going to take a lot of work to get good enough to make that a reality but don’t tell me it can’t be done. Besides, at the moment I’m not that bad. I may not be great but I’m ok. I can, however, do a lot better. I will do better.  Here’s to another good week training. I’ll be back in the ring sooner than you think and just like the last time.. I’ll see you on that road.







Evening all. It’s good as always to catch up.   This week just like the last week before has been a good week training. Sticking to my guns, I’m still training at least 5 or 6 times a week and I even finished the week off training twice today. Running has fallen to the wayside a little but I’ll make sure things pick up in that area next week onwards.

I should be fighting again at the beginning of December so from next week onwards a booze-free sensible existence begins again. It’s my birthday a week or so after that so I’m off on a rolling tour in Europe. I’m sure they’ll be plenty of opportunities to make it up to myself so in the meantime, I’m pre-emptively looking forward to the weeks of graft ahead.

There’s still a lot of improvements I have to make but in general, I’m training pretty hard these days and as long as I listen and try to get the rubbish bits good and the good bits better  I think I’ll be fine. Most importantly, I think I have more than enough time to get ready. This is important because last time I fought  I didn’t train enough for it and I had a shit time because I didn’t train properly.


If you don’t put the work in then you, unfortunately, pay the price. Outside of competition, I’m really pleased that the Muay Thai bug has bitten me again and I’m even more pleased that there are opportunities in the week to train twice a day. I may have a long way to go as a fighter but I’m in the right place to get myself there.

I still want to catch up with some of the other gyms I know in the city to train with new and old faces and to see what I can learn. But that’s time and money and I’ll do it when I can. For now, it’s nice to see my gym developing and more opportunities to train for stand up fighters emerging. In fact, it’s a busy little place these days. I’m already toying with the idea of getting some K1 in life tomorrow evening.

Sparring today wasn’t too bad but I absolutely need to work on my cardio. By round 3 I was tired. I guess that’s why if you don’t run then you don’t fightthat’s never been rocket science. I had an interesting conversation this week about fighting with another fighter who said he’s more reliant on sparring for his cardio,

I kind of get where he is coming from but we both agreed that sprint training is good to get those 10 seconds bursts of flat out all or nothing fitness levels right up, and of course, long road work at a steady pace is also great for overall fight endurance. Fundamentally, you shouldn’t even be looking at a ring if your fitness is no good. You can be the best fighter in the world but if your furthest run is from the living room to the toaster and even then your knackered,  you my friend are going down.

I guess that’s why next week onwards I’m going to make sure I’m running 3 times a week again, like it or not. I intend of course to keep the training momentum up and as always put in the work in the gym that I need. I still need to make a lot of improvements and I want my trainers to be confident in me.

I know I can look after myself in there but I want to win. So no telegraphing, getting faster, finding my shots and sorting my range is but a few of the list of impossible tasks I have in front of me right now. But just like the late and great Muhammad Ali would say impossible is nothing.  Here’s to next week and just like the last time.. I’ll see you on that road.

The days are short the nights are long

Evening all, I’ve finally decided to sit down and play catch up with this blog of mine, and as always it’s good to be able to sit down and find the time to write. Training the past couple of weeks has truly been a thing of awesomeness. After spending well over 12 months contemplating training 6 times a week, I’ve found myself in a position where I am training 6 times a week, and on one of those days, I’m training twice a day.

How has this happened? you may wonder. The one thing I’ve noticed about the gyms in my neck of the woods is that although there are some great places to train (my camp, of course, is the best) some of them only train a couple of times a week in Muay Thai as there’s a lot of other activities and disciplines taking place too.

I’m pleased to say however that landscape is changing, it seems that more are offering the ability to train at least 4 times a week in your chosen discipline. Just recently, an open mat session launched at my camp on Thursdays and Fridays allowing me to step things up from my usual Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday to suddenly finding myself in a position where I could really put in the work I needed.

Although mornings the past couple of weeks have been a little shorter for me than my long evening sessions due to work commitments it’s good to know it’s there, one of my trainers is there and despite a quiet week before last (literally just me and him with me doing intensive rounds on the bags to improve cardio and speed) it was good to see familiar faces there this week, some of whom were sparring.

This means one thing. Next week I get there early because although no one likes being punched in the face at ten in the morning you can’t beat the grind.  I hope it gets more and more popular.


Of course, despite finding the gym hours I’ve been searching for it’s important to make sure I’m progressing in what I do. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results so in order to put my money where my mouth is, next week onwards I need to make sure I’m bringing what I’m being taught into play in my sparring. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking. It just needs to hurt people. It’s down to me to discover what works and what doesn’t.

I’m determined to get my foundation better, as those at the top of their game have a very good set of basic skills. Mine isn’t too bad but it needs to improve. It’s getting there, however. I’ve been working a lot on getting my body kick faster and overall my speed seems to be improving on the bags.

I need to make sure I take that speed into sparring with me. I have a bad habit of fighting at someone else’s pace and not my own. fighting with the brakes on if you will The more I train the sharper I get but next week onwards I intend to get my responses to where they should be because at the moment I take too long and I miss too much. “Be first” as someone said to me once.

I’ve been bitten by the Muay Thai bug once again but I think I’m also going to go out and find people to train with who are at my level fight experience-wise to see where I’m going wrong and what I need to do to put it right. Good things may come to those who wait but good things also come to those who go out and make them happen. Have a good week, train hard and just like the last time.. I’ll see you on that road.