The more you put in

Hi. It’s good to catch up as always. Just as I was reminding myself that I really need to start writing again more regularly I’ve found myself sitting down to share what’s new in my world whilst of course, hoping that all is well in yours.

Training despite being thin on the ground the week before last is starting to head back in the right direction. Last week I trained 4 times and this should be 5. I get it’s not always about volume but I’ve always been a firm believer like many others in this game the more you put in the more you get out.

I commented to one of my trainers last week that I’m improving right now because I’m training with people that have a very good standard of Muay Thai and I was pleased to see him agree with me. Although there’s a lot I need to work on and improve it’s all there and not only is it all there it just gets better with time. After over 16 years of training, it’s good to know that Mr never gives up and still never gives up, and not only that he’s improving.

My current training goal is to shed the holiday kg I put on out in Spain and probably over the past couple of months. I’m currently about 67kg which is heavy for me, and having done some situps the other day and having aching ribs the next day, it’s clear that I absolutely need to get myself in shape for that inevitable beach moment this year. I even went running before the gym today. Go me.

My fitness has always been good and I think my toughness both physical and mental is a natural bias however, I know what time it is and get that fighting after over 4 years out at 44 may be possible but isn’t essential. I said to one of my coaches that just being at my camp and training is great, but ok I’d love to fight again. As my head coach said to me a while ago now never say never. I’ll be training when I’m 60.

I spend a fair amount of time on the bags practicing combinations and felt tonight that I don’t spend enough time hitting pads out of classes, however, bag work is sharpening me up. I put it together well you know, I think I always have and it’s always nice to come up with new stuff that I can maybe try in sparring. I’m really enjoying the classes as a whole plus the open mat sessions at present. It’s lots of fun and it’s good to be learning and improving.

Although Muay Thai has never come easy to me it’s my art and my passion. To be honest I don’t think my life would be the same if I was without it. I said to a couple of new guys the other day it gives a lot back to you and they agreed. It’s about the aura you project and how you carry yourself. It’s about being kind and being as fierce as a lion when you have to be. In the ring, it’s about being a warrior. In my life, it’s about walking like one.

When I first started training way back in 2007 I had come out of a very intense relationship. I felt lost and then I found martial arts. After 6 months of learning a bit of this and a bit of that, I felt I knew everything. I walked into a Muay Thai gym and realised I knew nothing. I never looked back. Once a week became, twice a week, three times, and so on. When I started training the police left me alone and the bullies left me alone. A close friend of mine said to me “Look how tall you walk.” And she was right. I always have done. I always take it home with me. Have a great week, train hard, and just like the last time… I’ll see you on that road.


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