It´s a bleak feeling that settles in my inner with a pang of regret and a heap of sorrow.

“Dad´s not here.”

Where is he? down the pub? or maybe at the hospital again.

“Dad´s not here.”

You´re telling me he´s not. He was in a box earlier. The box had roses on top.

We said a prayer and got a blessing.

“Dad´s not here.”

I know don´t you think I know that? he left the room way before he left the chapel.

“Dad´s not here.”

He´s just sleeping peacefully they say-

I believe them in my own way.

The one person in my life who always had so much to say.

The words “my boy” echo through the halls and pillars of eternity.

“Dad´s not here.”

But I am.

And so I will remember him.

Dedicated to my beautiful mother and father 06/12/21

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