Hi. Good to catch up once again. You know something? before I sat down to get this week’s post together I felt procrastinations claws attempt to sink themselves right into the back of my neck. Shrugging off the wanton assault on my life force I’ve managed to actually do what I said I was going to do and catch up with you during our designated rest period together. Phew! And you know what? what with all these do’s and don’ts about mingling at present it’s a breath of fresh air. Things in a lot of respects are improving.

I’ve cancelled and rearranged my Christmas flight out to see my parents at least six times in the past eight weeks but I’m pleased to say it seems that the last rearrangement has struck gold, as from the eighth of March we start heading our way back towards normality. Of course, things change rapidly in the coronavirus landscape however I’m pleased that we appear to be on the way out of what could be best described as Tory bedlam. At least, it seems that way for now.

It’s going to be good to see the family and a change of scenery never goes amiss. See? I’m excited already. Although I still struggle with plate spinning I’m getting better at it and in general I’m a busy guy. I’ve got more press interviews and TV appearances coming up this year when it comes to all things Copwatch. We’re a good team and we’re growing. It makes me warm and fuzzy inside. Work appears to be on the slow road to recovery and when it comes to training things are absolutely improving too.

ENYBK Brooklyn

This week I’ve noticed the time I’ve put into my training despite things being different from the norm at present (let’s all breathe a sigh of relief when classes are on again) has absolutely been worth it. I’ve even thrown in a couple of runs and although that’s something I need to step up from next week onwards. As well as technique running is absolutely improving too. Which is nice. But then I do a lot of sprints. And I also shadow box by the riverside from time to time. Slowly but surely I’m carving out my own little training space that gives me room to breath

Yesterday I felt a little cooped up in my home (although I love it here) and it’s easy to get into a “we can’t do anything” head state. It’s funny because we were talking about this in a men’s group I go to. There’s a lot you can still do despite lockdown if you really look. I’m luckily enough to have nature right on my doorstep. I’m not too far from Easton which I love and is where some of my friends live.

If you know Bristol at all, ( I’m nearly at year ten in my stay in one of the best cities on the face of the planet) you’ll know that Easton has a lot of character, is a melting pot of colour and has one of the best senses of community I’ve seen in a long time. But most places in the city do. It’s the people’s republic of Bristol after all.

And getting back to training one of the best gyms I’ve trained out during my journey through martial arts is based here. I’m sure I’ll be training with them for many years to come. Like everyone else in this game I’m looking forward to getting back to training as usual because as the world burns we just keep doing Muay Thai. I’m hoping we start fighting again this year too. As I said last week, there’s absolutely some fuel left in the tank.

Although I’m sure the rest of 2021 is going to be a lot tougher a ride than we’d all initially anticipated I have a gut feeling that things will just get better with time. On that reasonably positive note, I think it’s fair to say that just like Jessica Fletcher that’s all she wrote. Have a good week, train hard and just like the last time.. I’ll see you on that road.

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