By any means necessary

Hey. Good to catch up with you all after another extended absence, rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated but here we are again you and me. And as always it’s good to be back. So how’s things? as pissed as I am that gyms aren’t likely to be opening again until around April? or are you doing what I’m also doing and training as much as you can by any means necessary? Because that’s me right there. ‘Going all out to put my one and all in again’ as usual. Besides, it’s good fun.

As I mentioned last time we caught up I’m now officially 15 years old when it comes to training in Muay Thai and that’s liberating because when I first started my journey I didn’t think I’d even be training for 15 minutes. It’s funny how things work out, but as with everything else I’ve set my heart, mind and intention to it’s been absolutely worth it.

I caught Emma Thomas ‘Under the ropes’ mention on her Facebook page that yesterday was Muay Thai day and so as always it makes me feel a bit bigger inside to say that after 15 years of training, fighting, actual blood, loads of sweat and some pretty real tears… Muay Thai, I’ve got nothing but love for ya.

I’m hoping that when the worst of this pandemic is over and lockdown has finally begun to wind up, and our lives start to head back towards some degree of normality that I can head back into training with just as much heart and vigour as I always have, because you know what? I’m getting better. And you what else? there’s still fuel left in the tank. That’s right. Mr never give up just won’t roll over and die quietly.

No, he’s insistent on never giving up and proving everyone (mainly himself) wrong by winning his next four fights in a row. Whenever they may be. Determined mixed with stupid is a dangerous combination if not managed properly so I’m pleased I’ve got a good team and a great coach behind me. Just like always and of course the way it should be.

If there’s one thing we all need right now it’s goals to focus on in everything we do. So I’m keeping my eyes firmly on the prize, even if the governments finish line keeps changing with this lockdown situation I’m going to keep the training up and stay focused because there is still no landrover. Have a great week, train hard and let’s catch up soon. I’ll see you on that road.

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