Keep fighting.

Hi. it’s good to see you. I hope all things considered that you had a nice Christmas. If like myself you weren’t able to spend time with your family due to tiers and travel restrictions then be assured that I’m just as pissed off as you are. Thankfully, (at least for the time being) I’m able to head out to see my nearest and dearest in January of 2021. I guess having two Christmas celebrations next year isn’t necessarily a bad thing and in a small way makes up for the autocratic incompetency of the UK government.

Training wise things have been getting better and better for a while. I’ve managed to keep a good level of consistency up with time that’s always well spent at the gym and although it’s taken a while I’m starting to improve, of course there’s a lot of work to be done. I need to not chamber my left body kick because that’s strong and I need to keep my hands higher. Perseverance of course is key but so is noticing my mistakes and working on removing them.

it’s easy to get lazy on bags and I think that’s what created some of the problems I’m seeing emerge at present. There may be no wrong or right with technique (Well there is, but let’s not forget it’s an expression of who we are and how we develop our own unique style) but getting sloppy at this point is something I need to be mindful of. Its better for me to keep it tight and stay focused then get lazy because you know, bags don’t hit back.

Despite a brief Christmas shutdown the gym opens again tomorrow so I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into a pre 2021 piece of Muay Thai action. As always I’ll give it my everything and I hope that when we’re on the tail end of this thing in 2021 we get back to doing what we love the most without fear of infection or of any of challenges that emerge in and out of our camps. Train hard, fight easy, have an amazing new year and just like the last time… I’ll see you on that road.

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