After a slightly less extended absence.

Hi. It’s nice to catch up as always. After a slightly less extended absence than the last time round it’s nice to find the time to sit down and write this blog of mine. Training at the moment is on hiatus until the beginning of November due to my overseas trip to see the fam, which was it has to be said absolutely worth it and I really enjoyed spending time with my truly amazing parents.

The weather as well as was top with temperatures well in the late 20s some days and I’m hoping it stays that way over Christmas. Of course, 5 days out the country dependent on where you travel results in 14 days quarantine when home and despite being absolutely fine, I’m pissed I’m not training for a week or so yet.

It’ll be good to hit the gym hard when back because being honest, although home training is beneficial it really isn’t the same as training with others. There is as always lots I can and need to work on so although I’ve not hit the home training over drive button I’ve fallen back into the habit of shadow boxing my way round the flat and I take some time out here and there to focus on weights, shadow, situps etc and Ittu wall knees as a coordinated “thing” for 40 minutes or so.

Out in Spain at my parents place I spent some time the day before I headed home doing some light shadow on their roof. There’s a lot of space up there but now my mum thinks Thai boxing is noisy and I should only practice it at the gym. Oh well. 🙂 She used to be a Judo player back in the day and my cousin out in Canada trains in BJJ and has also trained in Muay Thai. I’ve got martial arts in the family which is nice. I guess that’s where my passion comes from.

Of course, during the next week or so I’m going to make sure energy keeps flowing the right way and I’ll work on what I need to although one thing is certain and that’s that I’m absolutely getting better. I find it a lot easier to put combinations together and there’s a lot of stuff sitting there that’s now second nature. The hardest bit when you have an unwelcome break from training at the gym is staying focused until your back so I’m pleased I’ve got a lot to work on.

I’ve found when it comes to focus mine is absolutely improving although now and again I have moments where I falter it’s getting easier and easier to stay present and “in the room” which is going to bode well not only for training but for fighting next year. While the rest of the world burns and society gradually collapses there’s me, wanting to make sure I’m at the right level for my 20th fight whenever that may be.

Mindset is absolutely key to martial arts of any description so I’m pleased that despite the minefield this year has been for many of us I’ve stayed determined not to give up and to keep my training consistent whilst doing my best to improve. As always, it’s been a good journey and I guess experience has taught me that good things really do come to those who work hard despite the wait. I may publish another blog tomorrow as I’m keen to get the creative juices flowing again, but in the meantime I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this one and just like the last time… I’ll see you on that road.

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