After an extended absence

Evening all. It’s good as always to catch up, and I hope all is good in your world when it comes to all things martial. This end, it’s been consistent and training as always is going well. I’ve got a small break coming up for a couple of weeks from next Wednesday but it’s going to be good to have a pause, spend some quality time with family and remember that there is more to life than just endless rounds on the heavy bag,

We’re training sensibly and obeying social distancing rules at my gym, but it’s good to get pushed within the shorter sessions that fill up the week, and the longer Saturdays and Sundays that are always worth while. I’m pleased to say I’m upping the ante when it comes to technique and everything seems to be on a slow but gradual path of improvement. It’s going to be a challenge keeping things at the right level during a couple of weeks out but I’m confident I will. I know enough these days to take it home with me and focus on what I want to improve.

I’ve always stayed committed to whatever I want to achieve in martial arts and I’m starting to feel confident enough in myself and competent enough technically to consider fighting again next year onwards. I’ve been aware for a long time now that the next time I fight anyone my standard is going to need to be above average to really succeed but hey I put in the work, I think more about what I’m doing and what I need to improve than I did a few months back and I’m pushing myself. That’s really what counts and although progress is slow right now it feels like a constant.

These days the gym often comes as a welcome break and a good way to relax after a long day. It’s nice to set training goals outside of the ring and if my goal is at present is improving I think I’m on the right track. Despite a heavy cold a week or so ago my fitness has sprung back to its old self and I managed to spend a reasonably consistent close to 6 minutes on the bag yesterday with no break. I’ve always been a work horse and I’ll continue to be one for a long time yet.

For once I’m not fearing rust developing after a short break and I’m confident when I’m back beginning of November I’m sure I’ll hit the gym hard. In fact, I’m confident it’ll be like I never left at all. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to a decent Tuesday session and from there spending time with the best people in my life. I’ll check in with you all again next weekend. ‘The Little Fighter with a big heart’ is officially 6 and still has a global following. Go me.

Nearly 14 years on I’m just as in love with Muay Thai as I always was. (I started training in Muay Thai way back in 2007 and have been training in martial arts as a whole for over 15 years.) Thanks for the years of support of my blog and thanks for letting me my share my journey with you. I’ll see you on that road.

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