Only an hour.

Hi. Nice to catch up with you all once again. I’ve been pretty busy the past few weeks with writing, work, activism and all that other ill shit that fills up the rest of my life. It has of course been truly awesome to once again get some decent training in at the gym. It may currently be only for an hour at a time, but here’s the best bit, it a good hour, and not only is it a good hour its there 7 days a week if I want it to be. And you know what? right now that’s a good feeling.

Our current sessions comprise of skipping, shadow boxing and bag work and if people are comfortable with it some one on one pad work with our trainer. It’s actually a lot closer to training in Thailand than I’ve trained for a while. Why do I feel like this? I guess it’s the bag rounds and bit of optional pad work plus the drills at the end. Teeps, Knees, and straight punches plus body kicks (although not always )on the bag.

We work through the last part of the session in dedicated sets of 100 straight punches, 25 hooks each side, 100 knees and 50 kicks and I’m hoping that we build it up as the weeks progress. Although training isn’t currently quite the same as a normal class it’s still an undeniably positive and tough hour of my time in the week. Weekends its open mat so ok it opens things up a little more and runs for longer.


As well as training I’ve done a little running this week which has as always been enjoyable, I noticed earlier on today I’ve managed to drop a little weight so that is of course always a good thing, being a forward thinking person like I am I’m keep focused on competing again but for now want to take a lot of time spent at the gym building skills and working drills that I know are going to serve me well in the long run.

Although this week has only seen 4 sessions I’m planning to step things up to 6 next week onwards. Training regularly gives me a lot of focus and keeps me sharp. It’s good to know as well that self defence classes start again soon. It’s fun as always to have new tools to play with and I often find one thing can compliment another.

So for now that’s pretty much all she wrote. I’ll catch up with you this time next week to discuss whats been making tick when it comes to all things martial, In the meantime train hard and remember to fight easy, and just like the last time… I’ll see you on that road.


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