Me time

Hi. I hope your week’s been a good one and that training in whatever form it’s currently taking is going well. Despite ultimately confusing advice from the government here it’s plain to see that we’re going to be navigating our way through the remainder of the current crisis not only by the skin of our teeth but for some time to come.

Sadly, this means when it comes to all things martial we’re unlikely to see gyms reopen for a good few months yet. Personally, I’m hoping it’s going to be before the end of the summer but only time will tell. Of course, like many others, I’m still training.

This week, like the week before I’ve spent time working on my fitness through running, with a bit of core strength training, stretching, and shadow boxing plus Dieselnoi/ Sylvie knee and elbow drills.


Boxing sparring at Sitsongpeeenong 2014 

When I’ve been running this week, I’ve spent some of the run focusing on staying present. I do this by listening to the sound of my feet on the concrete.  My run in itself is pretty relaxing and tuning into my breathing has also helped me switch off from distractions and noise.

Being honest, I’m currently missing hitting stuff. This appears to be a mutual feeling in Thai boxing circles at present, and although I love my own company I miss training with my friends and the gym as a whole. We’re a good club and no one’s happy about our current situation. I’m planning to get a small portable bag mid-month that should keep things interesting and most importantly keep me sharp.

Keeping sharp and focused also heads back to the mindset training I was talking about a minute ago. Switching off from the clutter and working on my cat zen is the order of the day as is going with the flow and focusing on the same goals I had in the gym before the pandemic hit the UK.

I thought I’d leave you this week with some Muay Thai goodness to keep you motivated, this time from Yodkhunpon Sittraipum The Elbow Hunter  on pressure fighting. When they push you in that ring, always remember to push back with everything you’ve got, keep the pressure on and never, ever give up. Have a good week, train hard, and just like the last time… I’ll see you on that road.



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