Better late than never

Well, it’s nice to catch up as always. Here we are again you and me, and here I am, better late than never. Training like life can have its ups and downs but I was pleased to spend more time than anticipated at the gym last week.

I spent the majority of last week in sparring thinking about speed as well as precision and was pleased on Sunday to find stuff just happening, like the right hook that came out of nowhere not once but twice and finished with a low kick, and the high low combinations including a nice left body shot in the ribs. My hands seem to be improving massively and my kicks are getting better too.

I have to remember at points, its not always about K1 style speed and volume but about the catches, sweeps and more that make Muay Thai so varied in comparison to other combat sports. I have days when I catch a lot and counter, and days when I try and close the distance through pressure alone.

Both methods seem to work, and what I do know is that I’m improving. Being honest, if I wasn’t improving with the amount I train every week, something would be wrong. Small steps can lead to big results and it’s nice to train out of such a technical Muay Thai camp. I’m enjoying the basics just as much as I’m enjoying the more advanced drills we get shown.

Muay-Thai (1)

Awesome imagery from “Muay Thai the art of eight limbs” AboutThailandliving

It’s the basics however that often sees me through under pressure so these days I’m making sure I spend as much time drilling them as well as time spent working combinations. Are they getting better? well, my left kick mid and low certainly is, and I’m trying to work on the golden kick because It’s a faster and less Captain obvious way of delivering some real power. It seems to be getting there and I’m going to try it in sparring next week if I can.

I think my fitness is good enough to keep building on my speed right now and if I can get my legs working at the same rate as my hands I’m going to be a happy guy. I don’t kick slow but it can always be faster. I also want to make sure I work on dictating the pace of a fight. It’s very easy to let someone else take the lead, There’s nothing worse than fighting at their pace and not your own.

Like everything else Muay Thai, it is as always a work in progress. I thought I’d leave you inspired this week with some of the formidable Saiyok showing us what training hard is really about. Well worth watching for some Monday inspiration! I’ll be back, as usual, this Sunday, and here’s to another good week at the gym, Just like the last time.. I’ll see you on that road.


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