Good for the soul

Hi. I thought I’d take the time to get this blog of my up to speed. I’ve been meaning to do it all week but as always have discovered that the best time to write it is, of course, a Sunday.  Speaking of Sunday’s mine’s been pretty good. I headed out to PCT interclub earlier today with a few of the lads from my gym, and I’m pleased to say we did well.

There were 55 fights over the course of the day starting with kids and juniors leading into adults as the day went on. For those that don’t know, interclub is a stepping stone into the world of competitive Thai boxing. From there you’ll find yourself in the amateurs and then onto semi-professional and professional fights or B class and A class Muay Thai.

Interclubs can be a great way to as I found out today, to shake a bit of rust off, get used to being in front of a crowd and/or gain the courage to step in a ring and square off against someone from a different camp. We’re all at different levels doing this and it was nice to see a mix of skill and ability.

I did ok, I think I could have done better but I always think I should do better. I’ve become adept at forever giving myself a hard time about fighting and training. This is the nature of things with me and anything remotely competitive. Ironically, I did better today than I did in my last competitive bout but I didn’t feel as sharp as my last interclub.

I stood my ground more, I was a bit too hesitant in the last round, I need to come forward a bit more I need to work on my clinch, my boxing, and low kicks was good, and finally, I didn’t throw enough body kicks but the one I landed was alright. I even managed to get some half-decent knees in as well. 

I didn’t feel old and past it but I did feel marginally rusty. The guy I got matched with is fighting in April and I said I want to fight again this year, but will probably do a couple more interclub to get my head in that zone again.  “Don’t wait too long,” he said. Noted. for now, I’ll keep training.

I’m not getting taken to pieces in there. There’s a limited amount you learn from being someone’s punch bag for 5 rounds. The good thing is I still want to fight. Before I got in the ring I was smiling. I could almost see the sparkle in my eyes. Fighting as a whole is exciting and a good challenge. It makes me happy and is good for my soul.


The first gym I trained out of Sitnawoi Muay Thai, way back in 07.. this photo is from when I paid them a visit in  2015. Time flies. 

I haven’t trained this week as much as I have of late but that’s primarily due to work and other commitments. Next week I intend to make sure I’m back up to training 6 times a week again. I think I need to move through the little rise of fear that keeps trying to fuck with me when I know I’m getting pushed in there and remember that I need to be a different person when the situation demands it. Turn fear into fire.

You know, I feel like I’m beginning again. It’s strange and I can’t get over it. The fighting spirit won’t go away.  As I’m sitting here writing this it’s come in and filled up everywhere. I’m going to have to work hard at the gym to get to the “getting good” point again. It does not get easier you just need to train harder and you know what? It can be done. And because it can be done  I will never ever give up. Have a good week, train hard, and just like the last time… I’ll see you on that road.

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