Evening all. It looks like I’ve finally managed to arrive on time as promised. That makes a change and looks like I’ve finally got procrastination on the back foot. Which is nice. How’s your week been? mine has been a good one. I seem to be finally getting a few things back on track, and work is taking shape for the year ahead.

Despite only training a few times a week the past couple of weeks I’m pleased I’ve stayed consistent and I seem to not only be fast but pretty sharp too. I’ve also noticed that my techniques improving. Which is also nice. In particular, body kicking is getting better but I still need to let it go a bit more and not kick with the brakes on.

However, despite that being a small problem at points, I’ve still got a nice left body developing that I’m going to continue to work on. It’s pretty fast and it’s strong when I throw it properly. The next part is really about working on timing and finding the shot.

There’s some great articles on Don Heatrick’s blog on flow state mental training and mindfulness  that are worth exploring if you have the time. Staying in the now or the present moment is a big part of fighting, as you progress and gain experience I’ve found that it becomes easier and easier to shut the noise off and ignore the distractions.

There’s no time like the present as the saying goes and staying focused and clear-headed under pressure will serve you well not just in the ring but in life as well. I’m remembering to take what I learn and have been taught over time into all other areas of my life too.

Energy flows where attention goes and when you switch off you become aware of everything. 2 minutes last a lifetime in the ring, and even 10 seconds can feel like forever. It’s what you do in the here and now that can win a fight. The past doesn’t matter and the future hasn’t happened yet.


I’ve found that my focus is not only gradually improving in training but in sparring as well, although this week and the week before hasn’t seen too much due to having a tooth extracted. Ow ow ow. I’m hoping to jump back on that particular horse next week onwards. When I am sparring, however, I’ve found that I’m also improving I just need to make a conscious effort to add in what I’m being taught. I swept someone sparring the other week. I was gobsmacked. it worked.

If Muay Thai is about one thing when it comes to fighting it’s about keeping things simple. Delivering the basics well destroys people. In fact, I’d say almost every attack is designed to destroy the target. It’s a simple, effective and brutal but beautiful fighting system with a lot of depth.

To succeed in the ring and even defending yourself on the street you need to be sharp. I’m not a self-defense expert but I’ve been in a few fights in my life like young guys will do, and I noticed that when I started training not only did I feel good about myself but I oozed confidence. In fact, at first, it got commented on regularly.  Mr “wouldn’t hurt a fly” you know, “that guy” that trouble used to find became someone bullies avoided. It wasn’t how I came across or because I started handing out beatings but more about the aura I unintentionally projected.

I’ve always been an easy-going guy and do my best to be kind to others but it’s fair to say I’ve had run-ins in the past with those types who see kindness as a weakness. I’ve learned the hard way that the streets can be a dangerous place but it’s toughened me up inside. I’ve learned to be a different person when I need to be. That’s a skill I developed through training for combat in the ring.

The sharpness and self-awareness that Muay Thai has given me have put me in a world where I no longer feel afraid and I can walk tall with love and respect for others. I just don’t have those run-ins any more because I’m different now to who I was then. It’s the aura I project. It’s my energy, and it’s something that develops in all of us the harder we train and the better we get.

I’m fine with January starting off a little slower than I’d like and it’s nice to ease back into training at my own pace. I intend to start taking the brakes off from February onwards and know after all these years, it just gets better with time. Have a good week, train hard and just like the last time…I’ll see you on that road.


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