Hi. It’s good to catch up as always and most importantly it’s nice to be back on my regular Sunday slot. Now I feel like a talk show host or radio presenter. How’s your week been? mine’s been good. Training a lot as always, finishing the week off marginally injured from a few knocks in sparring but doing well. I’ve been slack with running this week so intend to play road work catch up from Monday onwards.

Over the weekend I’ve been thinking about how I can start developing myself in training more than I’m trying to already. I think at the moment I’ve got a solid game plan and it’s nice to train with people at varying levels of experience. I keep pushing myself and I know that I need to start doing a little more than I am already to really improve.

A while back now it was said to me that I’m never really going to change immensely as a fighter but I know the one thing I can do is build my skills and get better at my style of fighting. That style although unique to me is pressure fighting. People call me a forward fighter. I guess I am and always will be.


I noticed sparring this week that I’m getting the level of aggression I need to fight like this back and at points, I do some good work.  I also noticed at points I’m hesitant and sometimes I need to bide my time and stand my ground rather than rush in unchecked. On Saturday I played around with holding my position with a tricky boxer who kept out of range all the time. Sometimes it’s fun letting them come to you to see what you can do.

Earlier on in the week, I sparred with a more experienced fighter that I kept a very aggressive pace with. I did with a few people in fact. Eventually, I got swept and caught a few times but hey. Sometimes you have to work. Even if you miss, even if you get caught you can’t let it phase you and you have to keep fighting.

I’m well aware I need to work on timing and look for my shots more. Sometimes I get frustrated and give my game away. This too will pass and I guess I’ll remember that fighting is about being in the moment.   I’m finding that the constant critic is getting less vocal the harder I train.

I’m still taking time at home now and again to try to improve my hip mobility but this week I’ve not done it as much as I should so next week I’ll do more.  Slowly but surely I’m getting my head back in the game again and these days when I walk into the gym I remind myself to leave my troubles at the door.

If I’m thinking about work and general life stuff I switch on from the moment I walk up the stairs. It’s not perfect but it’s improving.I’m getting my focus back. If I want to step up again it has to be 150% or not at all.

Next weekend is my birthday but to remain consistent and most importantly disciplined large one or no I’ll do my best to catch up with you again next Sunday. Same time same place?. Great. It’s a date then. I have Grammarly on standby. I thought I’d leave you this week with a little of one of my favourite fighters, yep you guessed it Pornsanae Sitmonchai turning up the heat when it counts the most. Train hard, fight easy and just like the last time.. I’ll see you on that road.


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