Sooner than you think

Hi. Finally, I’ve found the time to sit down and write this blog of mine. As always it’s good to catch up and I hope Monday sees you well. I hope of course when it comes to all things martial that training is going well.  I’m pleased to say that things are moving in the right direction this end. Consistency and volume are staying at a decent level but there are lots of other improvements I need to make in the short term. I hope when I do, they have long term benefits.

I was looking forward to fighting in December but as I mentioned a few blogs ago I was expected to have made some improvements between then and now and because my trainers aren’t happy with me fighting again until I do, it looks like the next one will be next year.  I’m confident I’ll be back in the ring soon and being honest, I can understand why my coaches have got reservations at present.

A while back, I would have taken the decision not to let me fight in December badly and although I know I can look after myself in there and I’m tough to boot but at the moment I need to start pushing myself to get better than what I am. It’s fair to say that at present I would not have an easy time.

I’ve had 19 fights so far and I know that it’s not going to get any easier. Experience is one thing but so is personal development. Besides what’s the point in learning something if you’re not going to make an effort to put what your being taught into practice? when one of my trainers sent me an angry text saying not only am I consistently late to his class but that I’m not making progress and I lack discipline I took it pretty personally.


Dave wrapping my hands at Elbow Fest Cardiff summer  2018. My first fight back after 3 years out the ring. Ironically, I fought better on this show than I have in my last 2 fights. 

Sometimes, I take a lot of things personally. But that’s just me. It wasn’t until a couple of days later that what was said to me sunk in. I realized that I do need to improve not just my technique and at least try to develop but I need to improve my attitude towards fighting again.

It’s a tough world in there and experience or not, there is absolutely no point in fighting if I’m going to get taken to pieces in there. I enjoy the combat but I want to be at my best and I haven’t had my head in the game for a good few months now.

Thankfully, that is starting to improve and I know this is the truth because I am training and running a lot again. That’s the first step in the right direction. The next step is to make sure I practice what I preach and get my time keeping right and learning head-on. If I’m going to box again it has to be all or nothing. I can’t walk into the gym carrying mental baggage. I’m only human but I hope you know what I mean. I need to make sure my focus is on the here and now. When I’m training, it should have my undivided attention.

My other trainer has said to me I really need to work on mobility and flexibility. if I’m serious about fighting I need to make sure the engine is running as it should and I guess a bit of fine-tuning never hurt anyone. If I reel off what I intend to do to help with these areas I’m going to make myself sound about 90 plus so I’ll let my pride hold out for now. All you need to know is that I’ve listened and it’s been taken seriously as well as onboard.

One of the most important things I have to do at present is set a time scale for myself as to when I think I’ll be ready. When I have a goal to work towards it’s a lot more positive than an indefinite ever-changing goal post. I know that there is still no landrover so I keep training. I think I’ll be up to speed in 6 months. I think that’s a good goal to set. The knowledge is there it’s just the areas above that need refining.

I want to come back stronger and better than I’ve ever been. It would be nice to finally finish this part of my journey with a few more wins under my belt so at the moment that’s my goal. Win my next three fights. It’s going to take a lot of work to get good enough to make that a reality but don’t tell me it can’t be done. Besides, at the moment I’m not that bad. I may not be great but I’m ok. I can, however, do a lot better. I will do better.  Here’s to another good week training. I’ll be back in the ring sooner than you think and just like the last time.. I’ll see you on that road.






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