Evening all. It’s good as always to catch up.   This week just like the last week before has been a good week training. Sticking to my guns, I’m still training at least 5 or 6 times a week and I even finished the week off training twice today. Running has fallen to the wayside a little but I’ll make sure things pick up in that area next week onwards.

I should be fighting again at the beginning of December so from next week onwards a booze-free sensible existence begins again. It’s my birthday a week or so after that so I’m off on a rolling tour in Europe. I’m sure they’ll be plenty of opportunities to make it up to myself so in the meantime, I’m pre-emptively looking forward to the weeks of graft ahead.

There’s still a lot of improvements I have to make but in general, I’m training pretty hard these days and as long as I listen and try to get the rubbish bits good and the good bits better  I think I’ll be fine. Most importantly, I think I have more than enough time to get ready. This is important because last time I fought  I didn’t train enough for it and I had a shit time because I didn’t train properly.


If you don’t put the work in then you, unfortunately, pay the price. Outside of competition, I’m really pleased that the Muay Thai bug has bitten me again and I’m even more pleased that there are opportunities in the week to train twice a day. I may have a long way to go as a fighter but I’m in the right place to get myself there.

I still want to catch up with some of the other gyms I know in the city to train with new and old faces and to see what I can learn. But that’s time and money and I’ll do it when I can. For now, it’s nice to see my gym developing and more opportunities to train for stand up fighters emerging. In fact, it’s a busy little place these days. I’m already toying with the idea of getting some K1 in life tomorrow evening.

Sparring today wasn’t too bad but I absolutely need to work on my cardio. By round 3 I was tired. I guess that’s why if you don’t run then you don’t fightthat’s never been rocket science. I had an interesting conversation this week about fighting with another fighter who said he’s more reliant on sparring for his cardio,

I kind of get where he is coming from but we both agreed that sprint training is good to get those 10 seconds bursts of flat out all or nothing fitness levels right up, and of course, long road work at a steady pace is also great for overall fight endurance. Fundamentally, you shouldn’t even be looking at a ring if your fitness is no good. You can be the best fighter in the world but if your furthest run is from the living room to the toaster and even then your knackered,  you my friend are going down.

I guess that’s why next week onwards I’m going to make sure I’m running 3 times a week again, like it or not. I intend of course to keep the training momentum up and as always put in the work in the gym that I need. I still need to make a lot of improvements and I want my trainers to be confident in me.

I know I can look after myself in there but I want to win. So no telegraphing, getting faster, finding my shots and sorting my range is but a few of the list of impossible tasks I have in front of me right now. But just like the late and great Muhammad Ali would say impossible is nothing.  Here’s to next week and just like the last time.. I’ll see you on that road.

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