When facing the right direction..

Evening all, I thought I should check in with you before I head to the gym in a little while. Sorry, I’ve been quieter than usual but I’ve been so busy of late that I’ve not had the time to sit down and write. I’m hoping this week that things return to its usual format so, for now, let’s put a date in the diary for Sunday this week. Don’t be late.

Training of late has been heading in the right direction. Although I’ve been wanting to put in a little more extra time than usual I’ve found myself levelling out at around 3 sessions a week which, I guess is ok but I’m hoping to turn things up a notch again this week onwards.

The world of work has as always been keeping me incredibly busy hence the unintentional writing break but all things in my life usually find a balance and I think the playing field is going to level itself out from here on in. Plate spinning has never been my favourite thing but I’m rapidly learning how to get better at it.

I’m sitting here watching the minutes shoot by until I need to get myself out the door to make training on time whilst simultaneously preparing myself for the monumentally busy day I have tomorrow. Despite feeling decidedly unmotivated about both I know that as always I keep pushing forward. As the saying goes if we’re facing the right direction, all we have to do is keep walking.


On Sunday last week for the first time in a long time I had the opportunity to let rip on the bags and do you know what? it really did feel good. I decided to let it go and when I did that I realized that I’m hitting harder and getting faster than I was before.

It’s very easy to unleash hell on a bag it’s not always as easy to do that on a fellow human so let’s see how sparring goes this week and next. I want to spend more time in the week ahead working on my clinch game. I think it may still be a strength of mine so I’d like to get back to that.

It’s looking like I should be fighting again towards the autumn and then I hope again in the winter. I’ve got a lot of work to do but you know what? the more I train the better I seem to get. Funny that hey? In the meantime, I’ve got my beady little eye on the clock and still have a million and one things to get done before training, so I guess for now that’s all she wrote. Have a good week, train hard and don’t forget to check in as usual on Sunday. In the meantime and just like the time before.. I’ll see you on that road.



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