Rocket science.

Hi. I thought I’d take the time to sit down and fit a bit of writing into my life this evening. That, like everything else, is always a good thing, and besides fashionably late is still better late than never. Last week training wise was good but not quite as busy as I would have liked so this week I’ve decided to turn it up a notch again. Pushing myself is always fun and in this heat, it’s hard graft.

Training so far hasn’t been too bad and it’s good as always to find the time to fit in sessions at lunch and runs after work. It’s kind of my camp to let me use the space too, I guess I’m one of those people who always wants to put time as much time in at the gym as I can. It’s a tried and tested way of getting good at stuff.

I’ve got my sights set on fighting towards the end of August and ideally whenever I can over the rest of the year too. Putting in the work always produces the best results and these days gym work looks like training  5 days a week, with the road work leveling out at a few times a week.


Sitsongpeenong 2014 

When I was training earlier on today and I think the heat had something to do with this (it’s pretty humid and hot here) I felt a little sluggish and a little slow at first but when I relaxed and found my rhythm things resolved themselves quickly. I spent some time focusing on big power shots and noticed how strong my cross has got and how much my left body kick is coming on. Last night on the pads after I’d warmed up a little it seemed to be pretty fast, I just still need to get a little more torque on my hips to get the kick going right through the target.

My cross, on the other hand, hits straight through its target and finishes two or three inches behind. I want to make it into a knock out shot. I’ve seen myself knocking someone out cold with that shot so many times I know sooner or later it’ll happen. In the meantime, I’ll keep working on making that moment my reality.

Visualizing what I want be it winning my next fight by KO or just getting better at what I do goes a long way.  I learned a long time ago it’s important to shut out the chatter and focus on what I want in the ring and at the gym. When I work hard I attract the right situations and people to help me get to where I want to be. I’ve learned over time that we manifest our own destiny. It’s not rocket science.

Getting back to the physical I’ve accepted that I need to work hard to improve and that I’m far from perfect. I feel confident enough to say that I can win more fights and I can keep competing for a good couple of years yet if I want to. It’s down to me to make the decision as to how long I fight for because it’s not about wins and losses. It’s about discovering I’m someone I never thought I could be and developing that someone into a force to be reckoned with in that ring. Besides, I know and you know I’ll be training in 30 years time.

No doubt You’ll find me on a bag somewhere, someplace. It’ll be on a sun-kissed beach that never wants you to leave and I’ll be just as free then as I am now. Because really when all is said and done, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Have a good week, train hard, and just like the last time… I’ll see you on that road.






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