Forward thinking.

Hi. It’s been a while since we spoke so I thought I’d check in. This week, just like the week before has been an outstanding week training and I’m looking forward to hitting the ground running next week onwards. Fight no 20 was on the cards for next weekend up until a few days ago when my opponent pulled out due to an injury but they are currently looking for someone else for me to box so here I am, keeping everything crossed and also with my sights firmly set on fighting on my own gym’s show in August. This year’s going to be a busy year when it comes to competition. I can feel it in my bones.

As always there’s a lot going on in my world when it comes to training and everything else in between but I’m pleased to have found time  to commit to the hours I need every week to make good progress. Recently, I’ve felt myself hit a training slump which has been made worse by dwelling on wins and losses. The past is the past and the future hasn’t happened yet. It’s down to me to make sure I improve as a fighter and it’s down to me to keep training to progress especially when I feel like I’m making no progress at all.

My biggest critic is still myself and recently I took some time to take a leaf out of Ittu’s book and filmed myself on the bags. I was surprised to see improvements in the little things and could see I put combinations together quite well. There’s a lot of information from the past 12 years plus of training floating around up there so I have a lot of resource to draw on, of course keeping it simple is the order of the day. I want to get my basics really good. A good foundation is always there when you need it the most.


I’ve managed to get a couple of half decent runs in this week too, my current route is pretty awesome this time of year and is right by the river side. There’s a wood near by that I want to spend some time exploring over the summer as well. You can’t beat a slog through the wilderness to keep you on your toes. I’ve started working through the rounds of the fight in my head too whilst running. Doing a couple of kilometres before moving into the next round with sprints has been the order of the day.  Just like training running is good for the soul as well as my cardio.

Next week is my last week at the gym before heading overseas for a few days and I hope I get a chance to fight. Either way, it’s set to be a superb weekend and will be a lot of fun. I intend to train just as hard next week as I have the past couple of weeks if not push a little more than before. I still feel at points I’m not going all out so maybe that’s a good goal to set for the week ahead.

I thought I’d leave you this week with a bit of Thai boxing goodness from the awesome MuayTies.   This time, a Sunday throwback. Yodthongthai vs Saen from 2014. I watch fights like this and think to myself “I wish I could fight like that.” Maybe one day. In the meantime, I’ll just keep training and keep fighting. It’s what good times are made of. Have a great week, train hard.. and just like the last time.. I’ll see you on that road.



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