Back to basics.

Hi. It´s been a little while since we caught up last so as always it´s good  find the time to sit down and write. Procrastination and me are still old friends but as always I´ve got a whole lot to say. I´m currently on the tail end of a long weekend away in slightly warmer climates playing catch up with  my nearest and dearest and from time to time, throwing in the occasional run too.

There´s some good opportunities for road work out here and despite being marginally boozy and eating well I´ve managed to keep the weight down and the fitness up with 6 and bit k runs. Well maybe yesterday was a little further but it was also worth it. I´m still just as much as a fan of challenges and pushing myself as I always have been and besides if you don´t run, well you don´t fight. Super simple stuff.

When it comes to all things martial and in particular fighting I´m pleased to say there may be good things round the corner next month onwards .  The more you put in the more you get out and I´m just determined as I always have been to get things back on track and start winning again. I proved to myself last time round that I´ve still got the determination and the heart to commit to the training and the fight itself I just want to shake the last of the rust off and start winning again.

It´s very easy to chase something when you know it can spend forever seemingly just in arms reach so right now I´d rather just keep fighting knowing that sooner or later something good is going to happen.


K1 title win 2015. Well, he wanted another shot at me…

When it comes to fighting I´ve decided to go back to basics and work on developing what I know works and to keep drilling what I know I need to get better at.  I´m confident that the last bit will catch up with the rest sooner or later. Maybe upstairs downstairs should be the order of the day.  Besides when it comes to what happens in the square ring keeping it simple is the order of the day. It´s what works when your under pressure that counts.

I´ve always found that “keeping it simple” is there for me when I need it the most. Right now, it just needs a little sharpening up and tweeking. Sometimes the best way to learn is through experience. Of course, with fight number 19 on the cards soon (Cautiously optimistic is my current status) I want to make sure things improve drastically so I think the next couple of months is going to require the usual amount of graft and dedication that has always come before. Just when I need it the most.

Fighting is of course, only fighting but it is of course always good to win and inevitably when you stick with something no matter what and always against all odds I´ve found that you usually do. Fortune favours the brave, or maybe it´s just fond of the stubborn. Either way, as I said a few months ago it´s good to be back. Here´s to the next one and just like the last time.. I´ll see you on that road.








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