Sparring. You know, I’m getting better at sparring again and thinking on my feet more than I was a few months back. I think it’s mainly because I’ve started looking around for the people in the gym that I know are going to give me a hard time. When it comes to all things fighting, it’s the only way I’m ever going to get better.

I’ve got a few weeks left before my next fight and it’s pretty important to pull out the stops for this week and next and make sure that as well as balancing everything else when it comes to training I keep pushing myself in sparring.

Pushing myself. Yeah. It’s not as easy as it used to be you know but it’s ultimately worth it so this week I’m jumping to a long 3-hour Thai session not once but hopefully twice this week (Thursday TBC, hint btw Dave) and of course, I guess I’ll have to give it my all.

My biggest problem when it comes to Thai boxing (here we go again) is not relaxing enough inside in training. It’s very easy to tell someone to relax but when you’re wanting to be at your best as well as cope with the internal pressure of fighting it can be very hard to find that balance.

Of course, the best things come to those who work at it so I always find when I’m in the here and now or present fighting and not giving myself a hard time, I seem to do alright. In fact some times I do better than alright and do good. The short will inherit the earth.


I’m usually looking to spar with people I know are better than me although these days, some of the new kids keep me on my toes too. It’s nice watching them take shape as fighters. Over here we do non-competitive interclub bouts before we step into the ring for real. I think I did around 11 or 12 interclub bouts before I decided to take a step into the amateurs. I’ve now racked up well over 40 interclubs and 17 fights to date.

I’ve learnt to never underestimate anyone in that square ring, but I love it when they underestimate me. The voice of self-doubt that was surfacing last time we spoke appears to have put itself to bed and I’m feeling quietly confident. I’m still nervous but I know it’s going to be a good fight and I think I can win. I want to win.

I worry sometimes that I’m not getting any better and that maybe I’ve had my time but I don’t think my time is ever really going to be had until I say it is. Other people don’t make those kinds of decisions for you when it comes to doing this you do. The more I fight the better I get. The more I train the better I get.

Super simple stuff. And besides, I’m still giving guys 10 years younger than me a hard time in sparring, even if they kick chunks out of me I know I’m being pushed. I guess I’m happy there, out my comfort zone.

I think I’m going to make sure I work on defence a little more this week as well as attack. Attacking is getting back into it’s groove and defending isn’t too bad but needs some work. On Friday I’ll go and play with the K1 fighters for the evening and see what transpires.

You can’t beat graft and speaking of graft I’m already looking forward to Tuesday’s start to the week already. I have a feeling this week, just like the one before will be a good one. That much is a given. Have a good week, train hard and just like the last time… I’ll see you on that road.









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