Always learning.

Hi. I thought I should check in once again before Sunday draws to a close and Monday has landed. This week has been a good week of training. I think being honest, it’s always been a good week of training.

Despite having a nagging knee injury that doesn’t want to seem to put itself to bed at present things, in general, are seemingly heading in the right direction. I’m enjoying Thai and also K1 which this week had some boxing thrown in for good measure. Going back to my knee injury,  I made the incredibly daft mistake of running 8.5 kilometres in Addidas Gazelles (as my old running trainers were finished) a few weeks ago.

Suffice to say my knee hasn’t been too happy since but hey, maybe I pulled something as it was my first long run in a while although ‘that’s not appropriate footwear’ didn’t seem to help things. Thankfully, when it has a day or so rest it usually settles down and is slowly getting better. Being honest,  when I’m training I barely notice it but when I do, it’s mostly when we’re practising catching teeps and yanking someone’s leg to get them off balance. Yeah. I noticed it earlier alright.

Tomorrow is a day off the gym then it’s back into the mix for the rest of the week. Having the capacity to choose between 4, 5 or even 6 sessions truly is a thing of awesomeness and I’m sure that if training and fighting were all I had to do as a job  I’d be in my element. I’m still a firm believer in making the gym my second home.  It may not come easy but the best things rarely do.


Always learning. 

I’m starting off next week on the right foot with a 3-hour Thai session Tuesday evening. Wednesday evening could see me delve into a bit of boxing and from Thursday onwards it’s Thai and K1 goodness. Next Sunday I might even train in the morning and then again in the afternoon. I like freedom combined with commitment. It’s awesome.

From every session here on in, I’m making sure I’m engaged from the moment I walk through the door. As long as the on switch is flicked “on” I know that I’ll work hard. There’s a lot of work to be done to improve my technique, but when it comes to sparring I’m getting sharper and I’m faster. And besides, my techniques not horrendous it’s just some things could be better. Life’s like that. It’s never going to be perfect.  Some things I do good. and some things I do bad. But here I am.

I’m feeling gradually more and more confident about fighting again next month. The nerves haven’t really gone away but are just a quiet noise in the background. The other fighters in my gym put me through hell sparring. They really do. I hope that when I walk away a winner again I remember to say thanks. I’ll say it even if I don’t. I’m finishing this week off with some free weights and sit-ups. I try to do 150 sit ups a day and I don’t always remember to do them.. it’s getting there though. But, I remember what fighting is. I remember. Have a great week. I’ll see you on that road.




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