There are still hills and valleys.

Evening all. Ok, ok I know, I’m a day later than anticipated but be assured,  I won’t let standards slip again. Besides me and punctuality are still getting to know each other.Just recently I’ve found myself entering what could be best described as the long dark tea-time of the soul when it comes to all things martial. I ended up spending at least twenty minutes bickering with myself whilst simultaneously getting ready, heading out the door, getting on my bike and pedaling (whilst muttering to myself) to training last Friday.

Just before I left I had to say out loud “the hardest thing about training is getting there.” That affirmation kicked me up the arse enough to get my stride on and my head in the  game for an hour. (It was only an hour. Not forever.) As it stands I got a good bit of training in with some friends who have just come back from Thailand. It’s fair to say it was worth every minute of my oh so precious couch potato time.

In my infinite wisdom, last weekend I decided to run 9k or thereabouts in trainers that quite simply aren’t built for what felt like a  half marathon. Legs and calves still aching from the 8 and a half k I had done a few days or so before that I ended up jogging and limping, stopping and walking my back to civilization from the always pretty riverside hell I had just put myself through. I’m pleased to say it was worth every minute.


Me back in the days when I moaned less and just got on with it. 

One thing I’ve also noted of late is that the road less traveled may be a good one to be on but being honest at points it out and out gets on my nerves. Just recently I’ve had days where nothing is easy and nothing flows. The basics feel difficult and I feel rigid and slow.

When that happens I get frustrated with myself and when I get frustrated with myself I manage to successfully forget that the best way to do something is just to do it and never think too much. I’ve got bigger on shutting out the chatter and staying focused of late so I need to make sure that actions always speak louder than words. Talk is cheap and Mr negative can run a marathon. I’ve seen him but I wouldn’t want to be him.

I guess it goes back to switching on as soon as I walk through that gym door. At the moment I can do that by focusing on April. Every minute in that gym is an opportunity to work on what I need to. There’s a lot of work to do between now and then and I’m pleased to find myself sharpening up a little in sparring.

Rather than giving myself a hard time when I have a hard time (the way it should always be) I need to push through it. When I don’t feel that I’m getting anywhere I usually am and when I can truly feel the grind I know I’m in the right place. Sometimes people throw the proverbial towel in when things get tough. I’ve learned that there is no land rover In fact, over the years it’s also become my mantra.

There are still hills and valleys but there are always going to be hills and valleys. It doesn’t come easy. But when it does come I know that it’s mine to keep. So here’s to training hard and fighting easy. Here’s to running 10k runs and sprint training that makes me curse every second of it. Here’s to the grind. It’s good to be back. Train hard and fight easy and just like the last time.. I’ll see you on that road.



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