Good for the soul.

Evening all, I thought I should take the time to catch up before Monday arrives. Besides, it’s always good to be able to sit down and find the time to write. Just like training, it can be good for the soul. Whilst we’re on the subject I’ve got training back to where it needs to be this week and I’m already starting to notice the difference. Running as well has found its way into the weekly equation once again  I’m pleased to note.

As well as abstaining from alcohol my next step is to start to get my diet together and of course as always to keep focused on the road ahead. Speaking of focus it’s starting to come together in training, and through using a handy little NLP technique called “breaking state” If I find myself ruminating on a tough day at work I can bring myself back in the room by simply focusing on what’s in front of me.

What’s in front of me is usually a person holding a pad and some days we all need something to hit so I get to fix internal and external all the same time. I’m hoping from next week onwards I really start to feel the benefits of reasonably clean living (diet you are on my radar) and hit the ground round running. Literally.


I intend to have my fitness at a much better level by the end of January and all being should be on track for March provided of course, I get matched to fight. If I put in the work between now and then I’m confident that I will.

I seem to be getting my aggression back in sparring which is good and I was pleased to find myself attacking when I had someone cornered earlier in the week. Pressure fighting is something I’ve always been good at and it’s toughened me up as a result. I think these days I’m a little better at it than I used to be and it was good to see the fundamentals are still in my DNA.

The more I train the sharper (and faster) I get. I learnt a long time ago never to give up and it’s good to know that it still pays off. I still need to tidy up my body kicks, stretch more and think less but everything’s improving again inside and out. Speaking of body kicks, I’ve found myself throwing a lot more of them so if I can teach myself just to kick when I see it, I’ve got the fundamentals right. Every else will follow suit.

Next week I intend to keep up the training momentum and turn the running up a notch. It’s nice to actually look forward to sprint training and I’m pretty sure that soon the weight is going to start falling off. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy what’s left of my Sunday evening because Monday is still a day away. (Well, kind of.) It’s been a long but productive week. Here’s to the next one. Train hard, have a good week and just like the last time.. I’ll see you on that road.



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