Reclaiming the fight

Hi. I hope the first week of the new year has seen you all well and that so far 2019 looks like a positive one. I had a good feeling in my bones new years day that just won’t quit and although it’s come a little later than anticipated I’ve already started setting some new year’s goals that I intend to stick to.

Before I get into those, I’ve been thinking this week (well mainly this morning in all honesty) about winning and losing. I’ve been told a few things about winning fights over the years. Some people say winning is a bonus because fighting is tough. Everyone seems to say visualize winning and working hard in and out the ring and you can what you want. And then there’s some like me, who say if you love fighting you can never really lose.

I’m inclined to agree with all of those perspectives because I’m a firm believer in not giving up no matter what life throws at you. Before I descend into a Rocky-style monologue about hitting harder than life let’s bring the focus back on what it is I’m here for exactly. 

Muay Thai
Muay Thai boxing at Lumpini Stadium. Muay Thai/Thai Boxing Bangkok Thailand March 2003 ©David Dare Parker /AsiaWorks Photography

To do that, we need to go back to some of my goals for this year. Firstly, as I told myself I would I’ve picked up running from where I left off at the end of 2018 and although I’ve only managed a couple of runs this week (one short, one longer) I feel confident that next week I’ll not only run further but that I’ll run a couple more times too. Like all exercise, it’s good for your soul.

Speaking of what’s good for what ails you (apparently) I’ve also decided to have a 2-month booze break defying what’s left of the spirit of Christmas is a must and so far I’m a currently undefeated 5 days in with no signs of crumbling. I don’t really drink that much anyway, but as I want to fight again in the next couple of months I’ve decided to get started on getting the right approach and attitude in place at an early stage.

Which brings us nicely into my third martial resolution for 2019. When it comes to approaches and in particular training for competitions I’ve discovered that the more you put in, the more you get out. (ha) This year I want to train at least 4 times a week every week. Ideally, 5 if I’m fighting. If I can do 5 then maybe I can find a way to do 6. Maybe I need to get out a little more or maybe socializing is overrated.

Finally, and probably most importantly I’ve decided to sort out my focus. I realized in my first session back this week that it can take me a few rounds to switch that on if you will.  If you’ve ever had a day where you can’t get anything right in training be it the kick you’ve been wanting to improve or the drill you’ve just forgotten you’ll know what I mean. So, to improve that I’ve decided to spend as much time as possible staying here and not there.  

I’m a massive fan of mindset as part of my training and I’m an even bigger fan of staying in the present moment. Mainly because the past is the past and the future hasn’t happened yet. If I can stay present fighting and sparring I can apply the same mentality to the rest of my training. This year I’m going to remember not to think too much.

Those are a few of the many things I intend to do this year (a lot of travelling is on the cards so I’m excited) and I’m feeling positive about the year ahead. Now we’ve got those off my chest and out the way let’s get back to what I’m here for exactly.

Well, being honest with you it’s the same reason I was here last year and the year before that.. in fact, it’s why I’ve been here all along. I want to be better than who I am. And I want to be the best I can be.

I can see potential in me even when it feels like some can’t and I always keep a level playing field. This year, I want to make sure I start competing and start winning again and to do that I need to have good people  around me and to be part of a good team.

I’m lucky enough to have both of those things in my life and I think by adopting the right approach and keeping the right attitude to training this year I’ll be able to reclaim the fight. Nothing with me has ever been perfect but then again nothing with me has ever really been broken either, and all I do know as I look at the year ahead is that nothing is ever really finished. Have a great week, train hard and just like the last time.. I’ll see you on that road.






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