Here and now

Afternoon all. it’s been a couple of weeks since I last checked in with you and being honest, I think I’ve just been a little lazy so thought I’d stop by. Having a nice quiet weekend ahead I’m going to dedicate myself to get my writing head on. I may well have to get my running head on too. Training of late has been quieter than usual but sometimes I guess it’s ok to slow down a little.

However, now that’s been and gone I’m pointing myself towards December from next week onwards because all being well I should be fighting again. I trust it to come together and this time I intend to win. I’m hoping next year sees me appearing on shows around the UK so in order to get to that point (I love fighting and I’m good enough to be in the square ring) I need to make sure I start winning again. Yes, it can be done.


I’ve been thinking recently (without a small violin out) about my last fight and how I felt before I got in the ring and whilst I was in there. There’s no doubt for my first fight back after a few years out it was tough. I enjoyed it but walked out feeling a little shell-shocked and of course disappointed. In hindsight, I think I fought pretty well. It’s not an easy thing to do at the best of times and every fight is a learning experience. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done but I’m confident I can tip things my way. (again)

A friend of mine said to me a little while ago that I always seem very much in the present or the here and now when I fight or even when I spar. I think it’s important to be able to do that and to trust your body to respond with what it knows.. muscle memory is a big part of training no matter what your style or discipline.

On occasion, it’s easy to find the repetition of training with drills a bit of a drag but I’ve learnt to take away what works. A good set of basic skills will get you a long way. Watching some of the top level fighters I’ve come to realize that what wins fights is never anything fancy, it’s quite simply what works at that precise moment in time.

If you see the shot you need, you should take it and I think it’s easy to hesitate and over think a situation. When I’ve done that I’ve found the moment is lost. It’s also easy to fall into a trap of using the same techniques because they work (a fault of my own) so as equally as keeping it simple it’s important to keep it varied. (that’s a work in progress here.) Drilling and keeping yourself in the now will work wonders. Internal dialogue is the enemy of us all.


When it comes to how I felt before my last fight it’s fair to say I was completely relaxed until the moment I had to really switch on and prepare to step up. Experience is often the best teacher and I put it down to having a reasonable amount of fights behind me. Sometimes, what you’ve won and lost doesn’t matter. Some would say it never matters.

I kept my mind clear and dealt with my nerves well. Here’s some advice. Feel nervous before a fight? don’t think about anything. Shadow, watch the other fighters get ready but never let your nerves get on top of you and always remember when you get in that ring it’s not about what they are going to do to you. It’s about what you are going to do to them.

I’ve found adopting the mentality of translating fear into action or intent goes a long way. Granted I spent a lot of my last fight on my back foot but I like to put that down to ring rust. Once I saw a friend of mine fight after a  break and he was also in a similar position for a lot of the fight. I found when I got back in there I realized what a fantastic and simultaneously tough place it is to be. (The fantastic came the next day. The tough happened at the time.)

I think it’s always been important for me to know that as long as I fight at my very best then I never have anything to regret. I step in that ring to test myself and because, at points, I want to prove myself and no one else wrong. When it comes to my last fight my biggest fear was not performing well. Getting stopped in the first minute. Giving up in round two. Coming to pieces and forgetting my training.

None of that happened and none of it ever will. In that respect, I didn’t lose. I only gained experience. Winning may be a bonus but next time it’s what’s going to happen. Mark my words. Have a great weekend and train hard. I’ll see you on the road.






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