This week.

Well nice to see you again. I thought I should check in as this week has managed to get me back on track when it comes to all things martial. I’ve finished off the week on a good note with a run and training earlier and plan to carry on in the same vein from Tuesday onwards as is the norm.

Sadly one of the shows I could have fought on in October got cancelled and although two people from my gym got matched up for the Muay Thai GrandPrix that’s coming up it looks like I’m going to have to wait until December time to fight again.

I’m sure an opportunity to fight on the GrandPrix will come around again anyway and I guess I’ve got more time to get myself ready. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again. It’s good to be back.

I’ve started to temporarily cut alcohol out my life ( a detox never hurt anyone you know.)  seeing as my holiday and the week following was pretty boozy I thought it could be a good idea.

Besides, it knocks your fitness and makes you put on weight. As a very old friend of mine once said to me, don’t drink if your fighting. So to build on that, from Monday onwards I intend to get my diet up to speed.

Being honest, it’s really not too bad but I have got a sweet tooth that over the past 8 years or so has turned out to be my toughest opponent yet but it’s not undefeated. Having half a brain I usually eat reasonably healthy too. Even on holiday, there was a lot of salads. There was a fair bit of wine but you know, there was also salads.

Getting back to training this week, I’ve been pleased to find I’ve been a little sharper than usual in sparring and I’m still feeling just as strong as always. It’s a nice feeling getting back into the training and finding that as always it’s all still there.

Martial arts may be a long game but I know that it’s with me for life. I’m keen to start pushing my fitness up from next week onwards and hope that it reflects in my training too.


This week I’ve noticed some improvements to what I do beginning to creep in and overall its fair to say I feel sharper and I feel faster than I did 2 months ago. As an example, shin blocking body kicks have got better on my left side, leaving me to either get my right shin block up to speed or get better at catching and countering.

An old trainer of mine always said to me my defence would come last. I’ve always found the attack easier which is interesting because being honest, I’ve always had a natural aversion to violence and when it comes to competing I’ve learnt to be a different person when I step through those ropes and my dragon wakes up. I know what fear is and these days I step into it.

I hope the progress I’ve begun to notice over the past couple of months serves me well in the long run  and I know I have a good trainer because once again I really do feel like I’m learning, and most importantly I know that I’m going to get better as a fighter if I stick with it and don’t give up.

When it comes to competing I think I have a lot of experience and the potential to get a little further than I thought I would. Despite not having the greatest of records I’ve achieved a lot so far and I’m better than I used to be. Just like the rest of training, it’s a long game or a long road (whatever you prefer I guess) but it’s something I intend to stick to.

So from Tuesday onwards, I intend to hit the ground running (literally) and to keep training hard and pushing forward. It’s been a good week this week and in general, things are headed in the right direction. But that’s me. Focused and committed in everything I do. After all this time, I still wouldn’t have it any other way. Have a great week and just like the time before… I’ll see you on the road.








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