It’s good to be back.

Well. after much procrastination, deliberation, distractions and everything else attached I’ve finally found the time to sit down and write.  It’s good to be back. Training has been a little thinner on the ground the past couple of weeks with holidays and everything else attached but I intend to hit the ground running next week onwards.

From tomorrow morning onwards I intend to start getting my teeth back into my writing project again. As some of you may or may not know I’ve studied with the Open University for many years now.

Reaching the Level 3 modules has been a long road but I’ve learnt a lot and have really complimented my existing IT skills with my studies. It’s always a work in progress but I guess in a way it is another element of personal development that can always be worked on and honed just like my journey through martial arts should always be.


I decided recently to take a year out from my studies because being honest it was getting too heavy workload wise. Running my own business successfully and practically studying full time was something that made me take a step back and start to balance my ever increasing load more effectively. It ain’t easy being me at points but no matter the adversity or more appropriately challenge I always manage to come out on top.

It’s something that’s carried over into my fighting career well but I guess I’ve always been a fighter inside. It’s how I’ve learnt to never give up and it’s why I’m still determined to stick to my guns and push myself to keep competing, start winning again and remain focused on all my goals.

Granted I let what little hair I have down from time to time but if there’s something to point myself at and something to work towards I feel a lot better than simply training for training’s sake. Earlier on this evening, I reminded myself that it’s ok to doubt myself from time to time.

It’s ok to struggle with fighting, training and anything else that life can throw at me. The biggest challenges often hold the biggest rewards and even when the odds look bleak, and some would throw the proverbial towel in I remind myself that there is still no landrover. I just have to keep going. I absolutely will not give up. Not when I know I can succeed.

I feel that if I keep going on my current path with martial arts and with my life in general,  in 10 years time I’ll look back at this point and smile. I’ll remember that time I doubted myself (again) got frustrated with lack of progress (again) and wondered for a flickering moment if pubs and clubs were a better option than pushing myself to be at my best.

I’ll remember it well because it’s a yet another moment of clarity I need to remind myself of who I am inside and what I can be. I write not because I want to be a world champion but because I want to share a part of my inner with you. I box and I want to keep fighting because I still have a soul. It’s a long journey and it’s a tough one but It’s good to be back. I’ll see you on the road.



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