Me time.

Hi. I thought I should check in this evening. Its currently holiday time for me (well for a week at least) and being honest it`s hotter than I anticipated. Like really warm. Like borderline Thailand. I say borderline Thailand, I mean Thailand in October. Even then your looking at 30 degrees plus. Yeah. Borderline Thailand.

It´s good to be able to step out the hustle and bustle of day to day life and spend some quality time with the fam- In fact, it´s safe to say that I´m loving every minute of it. Things at home are good and I love being in the city but I also like water, and sun and new places. I think that´s why when I finally make another trip to the land of smiles I´ll spend a little time travelling round the country.

A good friend of mine is currently in the middle of nowhere having the crap kicked out of him twice a day by some of the best at what they do. I have a feeling when he comes home he´ll have tales of sweltering heat, 10k runs at 6am and why you should always spar light not heavy when playing with those who have probably had at least 200 fights.


Sitsongpeenong, Phuket, 2014 

It´s fair to say there´s a big difference between how training is in Thailand and how training is here but in comparison we do our best. I miss the intensity and the freedom and always welcome the one to one rounds with trainers. In my current gym we often have “freestyle” rounds on the pads and bags and although it´s important to learn from a trainer it is also just as important to learn what works for you.

After all, we´re not mindless drones blindly doing as we are  told. Martial arts as I´ve said before is an expression of ourselves. Some people say it is your higher self expressing itself. I think when I first started Thai boxing I went into the whole thing as an open book. I just wanted to see where it was going to take me and I was a little lost inside when it came along.

After over 11 years of a never ending love affair it´s safe to say the journey has been a good one so far. I think I´m always going to be committed to training and improving myself and I know full well I intend to fight for a few years yet. It brings out the best in me. Sitting here writing this in the here and now has me missing the gym already.

To make up for it, tomorrow morning I´m going to do a little run to the gym across the way in over 30 degrees heat. I´ll then do some skipping and strength conditioning, weights and a bit of running machine before making the little punch bag that is now my best friend regret it was made. Again. Then I´ll probably have a swim. But that´s me. Out here, taking it easy and chilling out. Getting in some quality me time. Have a great week, train hard, and just like the last time. I´ll see you on that road.


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