Onwards and upwards.

Morning. I thought I should check in. Sorry for the late arrival this week but I got a little side tracked yesterday (I say side tracked I just had a lazy bank holiday Monday) and spent the best part of the day doing nothing. Which is usually how I spend Monday anyway, but you know. (That was a Tuesday joke.)

So, despite this week being shorter than usual I’m going to make sure I stay consistent with training and I keep focused on what’s ahead. I’m still waiting to hear back about fighting in October, I’ve been put forward for 2 shows one at the beginning of the month and one half way through so hope I get matched up. I feel positive about fighting so it’ll be good to step up again this year.

As a preemptive “just in case” I’ve already decided to start sorting my diet out and cut out the bad to replace it with good. I had fun over bank holiday but now officially a booze free zone. I have however managed to keep the running up too and this week onwards will make sure that continues in the same vein though I’ll start going a little further.


Later today I’m going to try to actually arrive at the gym on time (well a little earlier ) to get some clinching practice in before the main training session starts and I intend to start pushing myself a little harder than the past couple of weeks. It’s not that I don’t anyway but I think it’s going to be worth flicking the “on” switch. Besides, I’d rather be preemptive that anything else.

Speaking of being preemptive in my mentality to fight training I intend  to be preemptive when it comes to fighting full stop I’m starting to get a little better again at being first and have started walking forward more again. I’ve always been a forward fighter so it’s good to know that it hasn’t gone anywhere, and when I put my mind to it I can be just as aggressive as I’ve always been.

I pressure fight and I’ve become accustomed to handling pressure in the ring.  Thai’s like that. It toughens you up inside and out. If you’ve ever seen that film unbreakable then you’ll get what I mean. I think that’s why clinching is something I enjoy doing and is absolutely  is something I want to get good at again (it’s always been a strength )

It’s not easy being a Muay Thai short arse at points although some say it’s made for the little people out there and it means I have to get used to staying close. I’m going to keep working on that and keep building on my inner Mr Nasty. If it means having a hard time sparring that’s always a good thing.

Moving from fighting with kicks, punches and knees  into the clinch is something I need to do more of.  Suffice to say, it’s easy to write about it but the doing can be a different game. Let’s see how things go this week.

In the meantime, I thought I’d .leave you with some Muay Thai action for Tuesday. Enjoy, have a good week and train hard. And just like the last time.. I’ll see you on the road. (The next one’s up on Sunday.)


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