Morning all. I thought I should check in after a brief Thursday pause and a well deserved run. Albeit shorter than usual. It’s nice to be able to find time to do that and on top of that I’ve also got a well deserved break coming up beginning of September for a week or so. It’s good sometimes to be able to step outside the hustle and bustle of every day life and take stock of what’s ahead martial and otherwise.

But that’s me. Always reflective and most importantly always learning. When it comes to all things martial training is a constant that I don’t even have to contemplate any more. I’m always there. I’ve made the gym my second home. It doesn’t make me perfect but it does mean that I’m going to continue to develop as a martial artist and I’m always going to strive to learn more and build my skills.

I reflect quite often on the rest of my life too. I’m happy being me. I’m socially conscious and very much dedicated to doing the right thing. My moral compass points in the right direction. I’m a free soul. The one thing I love about martial arts is that we don’t have leaders.

As my first trainer said to me “I can only ever show you the way.” it’s about an individual expression of ourselves. I’ve learnt to make martial arts my own and I never try to be anyone else other than me. When I fight I feel out my comfort zone.  When I fight I feel free.


Martial arts has helped me changed a lot in my life. And through martial arts I’ve learnt to leave the past behind too. In the here and now, all that matters is the present and all I can ever do is strive to be better than who I am. As a paradox I love who I am. I always will. Things are different and these days things aren’t just good at points they are amazing.

Competing and training is one of the best decisions I have ever made and I’ve had some of the most exciting times of my life in the square ring. Win or lose it’s always been my Rocky moment. See? I’m missing it already. And as I said a minute ago, when I fight I’m free and if your free inside there is nothing anyone can possibly do to you to ever take that freedom away.

I’ve met some amazing people through this journey of mine so far and there’s lot more I want to do. A good friend of mine is currently in Thailand training and has already suggested we head out there next year. I think that’s going to be a given. It’ll be my 3rd visit. I should be fighting again in October and that’s something to work towards too. As always I believe in myself. That won’t change any time soon.

I hope to head out to Europe next year and hopefully this time box out there too, in hindsight I’m glad I shook the rust off on familiar territory. Someone I trained with whilst I was there has had 37 fights. In general, they are really good. It’s nice to meet good people who do the same thing I do. Martial arts helps build bridges and is often empowering for people who feel powerless. It’s not always about stepping in a ring. There’s a lot more to take away.

The rest of this week is of course filled with training and that can only ever be a good thing. I’m looking forward to having a week of down time in early September. I don’t think I’ve stopped since the last time I’ve stepped up and I hope that I can come back with my eyes firmly on the next challenge. If I can be the best I can be then I know I’ve won. Have a good week, train hard and just like the last time.. I’ll see you on that road.







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