Weeks of graft.

Evening.  It’s nice as always to see you again, a little bit later than anticipated this week granted but I thought I should stop making excuses and just sit down and get this thing written. So here we are again you and me. Like I said a sentence or two ago, nice to see ya.

I’m into my second to last week of training before I head out to box for the first time in over 2 years and although it only started on Tuesday, and today’s run could of been a little longer than it was it’s still got the hallmarks of  a week of graft.

On reflection I don’t think that I’ve pushed as hard as I should do over the past week so I’ll need to hit the ground running (literally) tomorrow morning onwards. I may even see if I can push the boat out and train twice on Saturday. Maybe I need a larger mental kick up the arse over the next week or so. Either way I’m getting sharper and I’m looking forward to fighting again.


Can I get a six pack like this one from back in the day  between now and next Saturday plus drop another 2 or 3 kg? There’s no such thing as I can’t!. besides I’ve always been a lean fighter. 

Mentally I’m firing up for war. At points it seems like everything’s annoying me. If there’s a button that needs pressing I currently have several big shiny ones that are usually fixed with a trip to the gym and a lot of sparring. Good places for the energy to go. There’s nothing like letting Mr nasty take front seat in the ring. I have to be a different person in there. Fear should always become fire. Fire should be used proactively in training between now and then.

Nothing we do is ever a game but it is always a lot of fun. I don’t seem to have remind myself that I’m standing up again because I’ve always regretted standing down for as long as I have. It’s a fight, it’s just a sport but it’s a martial art I love and feel I have a lot of time left with.

I think really my goal isn’t just to win (because I know that I can) but to be the best I can possibly be. I haven’t revisited my last fight because I can play it back mentally any time I want. I think I’l learn a lot and it will be good to get the rust off. I know where I’ve gone wrong before and I’m confident that this time I can walk away the victor. Here we are again you and me. I’ll see you on that road.






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