The air up here.

Well, it’s nice to check in with you all again. I thought I’d say thanks as always for checking in with my now less regular than I’d like blog. You must of had a slightly less exciting than usual Easter because I had a lot of visits. That’s always good to see. Although I keep aiming to get writing back on track it keeps taking a back seat in comparison with everything else I have to get back on track.

But you know the best thing is little by little I’m winning. Like Rage against the machine once said ‘we gotta take the power back’ and I’m pleased to say that I finally think I am. I managed to fit in a 6 or 7k run earlier today which is a good thing seeing as I ran yesterday too although I admit not quite as far. As it stands, I may even go running tomorrow and then it’s back to the gym in the evening.

Looking at the week ahead I’ve already got 4 sessions mapped out this week although maybe mapped out a little more cynically than usual. It seems that every time I plan to get stuck in, something crops up that keeps me away from the gym and then I’m back here again. That aside I’ve still managed to get in a little time over the past couple of weeks. That’s always a good thing.


I think it was yesterday evening I realized that I’m starting to get bored of pubs and night clubs again. There’s a limited shelf life for me when it comes to doing the same thing everyone else does week in and week out. Setting myself new training goals and getting myself fighting fit is always something that’s worth working towards although it’s a little harder when you don’t have anything specific to point yourself at.

I’m currently waiting to hear back on fighting overseas around June of this year and I’ve decided it’s more than likely going to be something I’ll choose to do if I have the opportunity. I’m well aware at the moment I need to be training a lot more to consider competing again but hey there’s April to get up to speed in and May if required can be a on switch moment.

I’m hoping there’s some opportunities this year that arise with my gym too. I certainly feel ready to fight again I just need to put in the work. I think in all honesty I’ve been mentally preparing myself for the past couple of months. I miss the combat and I get bored easily otherwise.

When it comes to fighting I completely accept that I’m going to have to take the rough with the smooth. I’ve had a reasonable amount of fights, won a few, drawn a couple and lost more than I’d like. That however  was then and this is now. I can never start from scratch but I know I can fight to win and I’m confident I’ll achieve what I want next time I’m up.

People can often work in numbers and statistics and at points I  let that get me down. I think I mentally have an explanation lined up to be given another chance that I would really love to bin. You see when I start to reflect on statistics I find myself forgetting that every fight has been an experience unique to me and numbers on a sheet of paper don’t do each situation anything close to the justice it deserves.

Most importantly, win, lose or draw I’ve learnt from each fight I’ve had and taken something away. It’s made me tougher and life itself over the past couple of years has made me a lot stronger than I have been before. I refuse to return to an old version of myself because he no longer serves me. Either get to know the new me or get the fuck out.

I think Geoff Thompson pretty much hit the nail on the head  a while back when he talked about the air  getting thinner  the higher you get. For a while now I haven’t really had that sensation. I haven’t felt out my comfort zone when it comes to martial arts for well over a year now and I sincerely think that is absolutely a bad thing. The only solution is to for once, stick to my game plan and keep working towards my goals.

There’s a lot of bullfight critics out there but there’s only ever one person who fights the bull. Let’s see if this week pans out the way I plan it to. I don’t ever give up. Even at the hard bits. Have a good week, and just like the last time.. I’ll see you on that road.

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