Back on track.

Well, after a much needed Christmas break overseas with the fam and a ever so slightly extended break with writing I’ve finally decided to sit down and get this blog of mine back on track for the year ahead. Last year may of fallen short in a few respects but  often when I focus on getting one area heading in the right direction the rest will often follow suit. So procrastination aside, it’s good to be back. I intend to stay here.

Training this week has been a little lighter on the ground with the gym currently open a couple of times a week until one of our trainers returns from Thailand later in the month. Putting it bluntly, it’s alright for some and I hope at some point over the summer (at the risk of wishing the year away it’ll be here sooner than we think.) I manage to follow suit.

Despite us not having as much access to the gym as I’d like time there is as always time well spent. We’re lucky enough to have Dave Wilmot from Team Tieu teaching us on a Tuesday and Thursday at present and it’s good to feel that as always I’m learning. Although in hindsight, sparring needs to be more frequent and I need to get a little sharper and think a little smarter.

It’s all still there and I want to start getting up to speed for any opportunity that may come up in the months ahead. Despite what some may say, you’re never too old to push yourself to be your best. And besides, I’m not that old anyway. Just a little rusty.

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Just recently I got myself out to a great seminar that focused on martial arts body mechanics and developing power when striking. Without digressing too much into the ins and outs there was certainly some areas that can be applied to clinching that we worked on and it seems that there is similarities across the board. The longer I’ve trained for the more I’ve noticed them when I’ve  taken some time to cross train a little in different systems.

I’m hoping that I can look at situations from a different perspective this year when it comes to combat and even with training itself. if you always do what you’ve always done.. well you know the rest, and despite that little mantra still ringing true for me many years it’s good to know I know what works for me and what doesn’t.

Over Christmas I spent a lot of time running mainly to repent for meals out with the family and the usual over indulgences that always strike over the festive season. I’ve decided to make sure that this year especially while training isn’t at it’s usual regularity I keep that on track too. If you don’t run then you don’t fight and although my fitness is still pretty good I want it to be better. Not only am I currently setting intentions I’m making up for a lack of new years resolutions too. 🙂

So, from next week onwards I’m going to make sure that every little helps and most importantly counts until I can start to up the ante again. Where there’s a will there’s a way and if you’ve got heart you should never give up. Here’s to 2018. Until the next time.. I’ll see you on that road.

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