On Switch.

Yes I’m back y’all. I’ve always wanted to say that on this blog and  I feel after a couple of weeks out it’s more than an appropriate term to use. I’m a funny fucker as a well as a writer.

It’s good to make the time not just find the time to get this blog of mine up to speed and as always it’s nice to see you. “Thanks for listening in”. This week, unlike last week I’ve hardly been at the gym at all. Sometimes you have to prioritize other areas of your life and there’s always a lot to keep me occupied.

Winter time historically sees a drop off in training and I’ve noticed the gym getting quieter but I’m hoping to clamber back onto the proverbial horse next week. It’ll be good to finish the year on a good note training wise and I’m doing my best to adopt the like it or not approach I’ve been lacking recently.


It’s frustrating not getting to the gym as much as I would like to but in the same respect it means I value my time there more. I’ve set some fighting goals for 2018 and want to make sure I make them happen. This year has been hit and miss with training but I’m still just as determined to stay in it and come back better than I was before. As always it’s been a learning curve and I’ve learnt a lot about me.

One thing that’s been on my mind this week (well mainly today) has been the importance of being able to switch on or flick the on switch when I’m in a combat situation. I wrote about this earlier this year (or maybe it was last ) and I think next week I’m going to devote a lot of my time sparring into doing that. I’m an aggressive fighter and very forward in my approach but it’s taken time to develop my trigger.

Fighting is a brutal game. In fact, it’s safe to say it’s a downright nasty business. When we step in the ring the one thing it isn’t  is a tickling contest. It’s how I learnt to leave the nice guy at home. It doesn’t mean you hate the person in front of you but you’re out to destroy them.

I’ve found to be able to get to that place I have to put nerves and everything else to one side. To turn my fear into a fire as the saying goes. In order to get to that place I need to have a trigger. An old trainer once told us that he used to rub the bridge of his nose and a friend of mine told me that when he puts his wraps on he feels ready.

For me it’s banging my gloves together just before I start my walk. (it’s not something I’ve always done but there’s been a few fights when I have. )When I actually walk up to the ring I really gain my focus and fear evaporates. The nerves stay until I’m in the fight but just before my fear leaves. Banging my gloves together is the trigger (literally just before I’m called) but seeing the ring is my real on switch.

I think it’s important to be able to relax mentally before a fight after you’ve warmed up so it’s absolutely essential to be able to switch on. I’ve paid the price before for not doing so. When I’m not in the zone I feel tired and I feel weak. The adrenaline kills a lot of pain but it also makes me feel like nothing I’m throwing is hurting the person in front of me. I think points these days more than I used to but really I’m all about damage.

When I’m switched on I feel strong. I know I’m tough inside and out and I know I can take an opponent to pieces when given half a chance.  I have a tunnel vision thing happen. All I can see is the person in front of me and all I can hear is my corner, but everyone seems far away. Almost in the next room. If you’ve ever fought or are still fighting you’ll get what I mean.

When I’m switched on I don’t seem to feel anything other than knees. Knees hurt. When they land properly you can’t help but feel them. The adrenaline takes a lot of the sting away. Punches just feel like thuds, and kicks are just the same.

It’s important for me to set my intention with anything I do and fighting is just the same. Having a trigger or an on switch gets me in the right place for the task at hand. When I’m in the fight I love every minute of it win or lose. I guess that’s why at the moment I miss fighting so much. As soon as an opportunity comes up I’ll no doubt remind myself I must be fucking nuts to be doing this again. Until that day re emerges I’ll keep training and will make sure from here on in I’m training hard.

I thought I’d leave you this week with some martial goodness from my favourite fighter Pornsanae Sitmonchai. I’ve always been a massive fan. In the meantime, train hard have a good week and be aggressive. I’ll see you on that road.

Pornsanae Sitmonchai’s Leg – Kick Destruction



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