Still got it.

Well, despite having a small break with writing again everything else appears to be heading back on track and this month there’s a lot of good things happening that’s keeping  me on my toes. I’m slowly getting my training back on course and despite having let things fall to the wayside a little (being honest I’ve been busy, but then again I’m always busy and there’s always a lot of excuses to be made)  I’ve stuck with it as always and have found myself getting back to a semi respectable few sessions this week and last.

I’m aiming to have next week follow suit and keep things moving forward in the same vein. 2017 appears to have shot by (I think as you get older time does seem to move quicker. Oh the woes of a 30 something.) and although I haven’t got myself back into the ring this year, I still have that as a goal for 2018. It was nice to be asked last weekend if I could fight short notice and despite deciding I haven’t been training enough ( I really haven’t to warrant stepping up for a contest right now.) I’m sure I could get myself ready with enough notice and not only that I’m sure I could get back in there and win again.

My life has never been about short cuts or easy options and if memory serves me correct the next one will be a lot tougher than the last one even if from outside appearances it seems deceptively not that way at all. Speaking from personal experience, there’s no such thing as an easy fight. I don’t think there ever will be.


I’m pleased that the fire is still there and that I still won’t back down. I hope that I can carry that energy through into 2018. Avoiding a lengthy ramble (or rant however you want to look at it) into the realms of how Muay Thai forges you into a better character and so on and so forth I’ve noted over the years the one of many things it gives you is courage. It’s something that I’ve learnt to apply to all of my challenges in the ring, in the gym or otherwise. We all have to face our fears and I’m just as brave as I always was. Still just as lazy some days but you know…

On a final note one thing I’ve had a severe lack of this week is running so I intend to start the week off with a big run (well reasonably lengthy. It is Monday after all..) and then of course it’s back into the mix Tuesday onwards. I’m going to start running a few times a week again. Like the rest of it, getting that focus back is a lot harder than you think but if you want to get good as these things you have to put in the work. And speaking of work I’ve got a lot of coursework to catch up on so for now that’s all she’s wrote and I’ll do my best to catch up with you next week too. Thanks for reading as always. I’ll see you on the road.


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