Well, it’s nice to be back. Here we are again, you and me. When it comes to all things martial this week just like the week before has been a good one. Although running has been a little light on the ground this week I’ve still put in some good work boxing wise and at the moment I feel that I’m getting better.

Training often ebbs and flows and moves in peaks and troughs with progression, and from previous experience when I feel that nothing is improving it turns out that everything is improving. That’s only ever a good thing.

Of course, when it comes to all things Thai and I guess with martial arts across the board there’s different approaches to what we do. Every trainer I’ve met so far along my martial journey has their own unique take on any given situation and I like to think there’s always been something I can take away with me. In fact, more often than not it’s been something I’ve taken home.


That really goes back to the first couple of years of training and a mentality I adopted at an early stage. Shadow boxing at home and always doing my best to remember what I’d been taught.

However, It wasn’t until I started competing that I started to really think about what worked for me as individual. Even then it’s  still taken a while for the  pieces to fall into place. I think just like the rest of training becoming a better boxer is an ongoing process.

I’ve learnt over time that there is no wrong and right way to martial arts there’s only individual approaches to situations. What works for you may not work for me and visa versa. It’s your own journey that you grow into. As one of my first trainers said “I can only show you the way.” ultimately any fighting system is something you make your own.

Personally I really love the way Muay Thai is in Thailand. My current gym has some good trainers who have been out to Thailand and have also achieved a lot with the art. At the moment we’ve got Dave Wilmot from Team Tieu teaching us on a Tuesday and Thursday and another home grown trainer who spent a few months in Thailand teaching on the other days us whilst our main trainer is away.

I’m enjoying what I’m being taught at present and  feel like I’m slowly improving. I’m a work horse and get my head down and get on with things, but having watched a shake off the rust interclub from earlier this year I can see that the style or approach to Muay Thai I’m learning is taking shape. In fact, I was surprised I did as well as I did despite it being non competitive.  There’s still a lot to work on and it was nice to be back in there.

It’s very easy to feel stuck in a rut with martial arts at points which is why I feel it’s important to set goals and to think beyond winning your next fight or a title.  Muay Thai in particular has a rich history and a simple but complex fighting system that you can apply outside of any competition.

There’s a lot training gives you outside of the physical techniques we get taught. Most importantly, it’s not all about “respect” as some promote. Being honest that’s a given in anything you train in. For me personally it’s about pushing my boundaries and just seeing how far I can get. I say this with confidence as I’ve been training for nearly 11 years and have no intention of stopping any time soon.

My heart and mind is still in the fight and I’m young enough and fit enough to pick up that particular gauntlet again but I also understand that there’s more to it than just that. And that’s exciting. My natural bias is to help others when I can so sometimes I enjoy passing on what I know. Maybe I should try to do that more often.


Next week of course sees me back at the gym minus a hacking cough that’s been making my life hell for the past couple of weeks so I’m going to see if I can push myself a little more than I have done recently. Being honest  I’ve been working pretty hard but I need more running in my life and less crap in my diet to compliment everything else. Either way I’ll do my best to be better than what I was the week before. When it comes down to it, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Have a good week, train hard and just like the last time.. I’ll see you on that road.





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