Phew. I made it. I’m actually on time for the second week running. I guess I must be doing something right. This week, although not full to the brim with Thai boxing has been pretty consistent and I think training a few times a week is going to be back up to my times a week next week onwards.. It’s nice setting goals and I’ve got my eyes on competing again September onwards.

Last night I decided to head to a show for the first time in ages with a friend of mine. We knew a couple of people fighting there so wanted to show some moral support. It was nice to watch some of the fights and all in all the standard was pretty good across K1, boxing and a little of the Thai I caught before we headed off.

It’s certainly something I could do again and there’s no real question in my mind that I’d settle into things quickly in there. I don’t really think I’m chomping at the bit as such to compete but I’m feeling fairly positive that if I work hard enough and look for the opportunities to compete something will come along.

Fighting really isn’t for everyone but it’d be nice to finish off this particular part of my journey on a couple of good notes before I keep heading down the road to pastures new. I remember  someone once  said to me always finish one thing before you start another.

It’s very true and I’m up for a challenge. There’s a lot I want to learn but before I really start to look to broaden my martial horizons I want to make sure there’s a continuation of the story that was never really finished anyway. I hope that makes sense. It’s just a matter of principal.


Saprasert 2010 just before I started fighting. 

When it comes to goal setting and martial arts I’ve always refused to put myself into a box, and tell myself this it.  This is as far you get. Instead, I’ve continued onwards not letting myself have an end in sight. Glass ceilings are for losers. I govern myself.  What’s around the corner motivates me and I don’t let others hold me back. Forward is the only direction to head. It’s how I built this blog up too.

In fact, I  can remember a ref I know saying to me a little patronizingly “Well I read your blog even if no one else does” it made me smile because at that point it had built up a global following that inspired me to start another writing project.

In fact it still has one. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it and when something is your passion that’s motivation in itself. It’s never really been about being the best of the best, rather more about being the best I can be. If I can step into a ring or any situation and know I gave it my all then that in itself can be the most rewarding of things.

I’m looking forward to hitting the gym again next week onwards and it feels good to be getting some additional focus and balance back into my life again. I’ve successfully moved past the really busy don’t have enough hours in the day stage to finding the time again. There’s 24 hours in the day. Let’s be honest. There’s always enough time to do something you love. And maybe to get really good at it too.  Have a great week, and just like the last time.. I’ll see you on that road.

“I am an anarchist not because I believe anarchism is the final goal, but because there is no such thing as a final goal.” 



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