Super Simple Stuff.

Well, this week like last week has not being the Thai full week I anticipated but I’m not giving myself that much of a hard time about things. At least not yet. I intend to get things up to speed next week onwards and hopefully next week I’ll know about fighting next month for definite.

I’m practically willing it to happen so if your a massive fan of the power of intention or at the very least believe that if there’s a will then a way will almost certainly appear you’ll know how I feel right about now. In short I’m quite excited at the thought of it.

I guess that’s a good thing and the thing is with good things, they often come to those who wait. (Or who take a bit of time out and then remember they really like punching people in the head.)

Despite training a little lighter than I’d planned this week it’s still given me a lot to take away. Life’s like that sometimes and today I’ve remembered (in fact it’s something I should never really forget ) that we all have to start from somewhere and no matter where we are it never hurts to work on your foundations.

The basics aren’t just important in any martial art they define what makes good fighters and bad ones. Super simple stuff.


It’s easy to find yourself out your depth sometimes when you start something new and even years down the line I still find it’s really important to work on simple things you can rely on under pressure.

It may not mean becoming an all singing all dancing flashy fighter overnight but from a personal level drilling what I know works means it’s there when I need it to be the most. Repetition can get boring quickly for sometimes so sure, it’s fun to learn some of the higher end techniques and incorporate new ways of looking at a situation and try different things but especially if I’m fighting I like to be able to practice a few techniques and combinations I know will come without thinking. Whether I’m hitting first or answering back.

Some people say who spar with me regularly sometimes I can be a little predictable so just recently I started drilling a turning kick on the bags. Honestly and truthfully you land these right (and I did the other day sparring and I saw the look on his face. Luckily I pulled the power) and they will take someone to pieces.

It’s a very powerful technique but something I’ve added into my essentials box and I try now and then sparring. Again, it’s not rocket science and it’s easy to remember. (Not so easy to set up) It needs a lot of work but it’s getting there. Go me.

When it comes back to basics as it often does in this game  working on areas like stance, foot work and simple drills have always helped get things heading in the right direction. Balance is a big one in Thai so rocking lightly from foot to foot I’ve found can help me not only feel a little more centered and stable but also has the additional bonus of helping me relax a bit more.

All your attacks need to be fast and explosive but you should be able to go back to the place outside where your straight back into stance, and inside where your calm and ready. One of the first combinations I was ever shown and I use consistently mainly because it works and thrown at the right time can do a lot of damage, is jab, cross and a low kick to finish.

I still rate the low kick as the most devastating  kick in Muay Thai although it may not score as high as a kick to the body it can destroy someone. (One of the most satisfying moments in a fight can be landing that kick right and then getting it right again and again and seeing your opponents leg buckle.) And that’s what we want right?

So upstairs followed by downstairs is always worth getting set into your muscle memory. Saying that my left body kick has improved massively over the past few months so that’s not to say body kicks are all about points..

I’ve watched some outstanding fighters over the years and every person I’ve fought has been a real challenge (and I hope will continue to be so) and some of the best at the top of their game have always kept fights simple right from the word go.

If you don’t believe me just take a look yourself on you tube or maybe visit Muay Ties page and you’ll get my gist. Again it’s really important to have a solid foundation for whatever situation you find yourself in be it in the ring or otherwise.

I’m looking forward to getting back to it next week onwards. Training has been and always will be an investment in myself and I know it’s always going to stay that way. Instead of hoping to get better I’m going to keep on training and instead of simply wanting to fight again I’m going to make sure it happens. Like it or not. Have a good week, train hard and just like the last time.. I’ll see you on that road.









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