Wherever you go.

This week just like the week before has been  a good week of training. It’s nice to be back on track and pretty consistent with what I do, and despite being tempted to train earlier I settled with a run to finish the week off. Saturday morning was pretty good so it felt kind of ok to have a rest today.

So plans for heading overseas this weekend.. yeah so that fizzled out into nothing unfortunately. I’ve still got a possible opportunity to fight in July to work towards but life got in the way of what I wanted to do this weekend so mid week I decided to cancel.

I’m not sure if it was life getting in the way or myself (more like a mix of both )  but either way this month is keeping me on my toes. Things however in general are going well when it comes to all things martial and I’m planning to make a trip overseas when the next show comes round.

I should of bought my ticket last month and got everything sorted then but it’s easy to live in the land of could of, would of and should of. I’d rather live and learn and do everything at an early stage next time round.  I’m keeping in touch anyway and besides either way, I’m pleased I’ve got my focus back with training.

It’s not always easy getting yourself down the gym 4 or 5 times a week but it’s good to be able to do that. The more I put in, well the more I get out. I’ve got my mojo back and where there’s a will there’s always a way.


Despite having my proverbial tail slightly and it is only slightly between my legs about the weekend I’m intending to get straight back into things next week onwards. I’ve even found I’m starting to eat healthier as well as run more. When it comes to doing anything remotely competitive I’ve still got a couple of years left if I want. That much I’m certain of.

If July comes together I want to give myself about 5 weeks of serious training. I can probably get ready in about a month and I’m happy to step out my comfort zone if needs be. I’ve had enough fights to do that really. And besides I think I’m getting better.

So, for the next couple of weeks it’s beer. pizza and bedlam. Na, it’s just the usual graft that I’ve grown to love. I’m keeping the self defense training going too. I took a lot away from being shown some Tai Chi last week and casting my mind back to a few weeks before that I got shown some pretty useful ground fighting techniques at a seminar.  It was good  and reminded me a little of some BJJ/ Krav Maga techniques I got shown just before I left Bournemouth.

Cross training always helps keep my mind open and despite training in Thai as much as I was then it was refreshing to get shown some techniques then that I picked up well too. I’ve always got on well with the “empty hand” side of things and it was nice to see how well Krav complimented Muay Thai. There was a load of boxers raving about it at the gym just across the way which prompted the exploration.

I think with both Muay Thai and everything else happening in the background I might be in danger of becoming a well rounded martial artist this year. That’s pretty exciting. 10 odd years down the line and I’m still just as passionate about what I do as I was way back in the mists of 2007. I think I’m still a work horse when I need to be.

I’m still horrendously lazy at points but ultimately it’s good to have something to focus on again. Despite things not going according to plan this weekend I just reset and carry on as normal. I think that’s how Iv’e always been. When you find your passion it’s like that sometimes. Have a good week, train hard and just like the last time, I’ll see you on that road. “Go with all your heart.”

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