Business as usual.

Evening  all. Hope things are good with you. when it comes to everything training wise things aren’t too bad with me. I’ve been consistent the past couple of weeks and need to step things up a little but a few times a week is better than nowt. I’ve actually spent this weekend having a lot of fun and a good dance, cobwebs got shaken off with a decent run earlier.

Disco time aside I’ve been doing my best to get focused on May this year which should see me heading overseas to get the rust off, and back in the ring again. Goal setting has always been one of my favourite past times, and as always the more I train the better it seems to get.Breaking away from personal and sometimes not so personal criticism and detraction in it’s many forms has done me the world of good and having something to work towards has given me the inclination to start to step things up training wise.

I’ve managed a few sessions this week and last and should be throwing in a 4th next week as I approach the last week of the initial ramp up to May. I’m hoping my trainer is able to make it or someone from the gym but worst case scenario I’ll be heading out there anyway, and will no doubt get a corner sorted in the next month or so. Win or lose, I intend to come back refreshed, invigorated and back in the game.


Fighting in itself is a big commitment and I’m finding that taking the bull by the horns again is the best decision I’ve made in a while. I realized after training last week I’m really looking forward to competing and despite it feeling a little daunting I know as soon as I get my head into the training  it’ll be business as usual.

Besides, I’ve got 15 fights behind me so far and with that comes a reasonable of experience and a lot of self belief. It’s never really been something I’m going to suddenly stop doing it’s more something that I just decided to have some time out from. There’s guys and girls out there in my 30 something age bracket still competing, so that in itself is additional motivation.

5 weeks or so of training. getting the weight down staying away from alcohol is also going to be refreshing. There’s a lot to be said for getting yourself straight and my body always says thanks when I decided to abstain for a little while. That in itself can be a challenge but it’s always worth it.

I’m starting tomorrow with a decent run to get me kick started for the week ahead. That and some work on my other project before a pretty busy Monday should keep me on my toes. Speaking of my other writing project I intend to have the first draft of that together by the beginning of October. It’s stopping where my year out begins. Seeing as I couldn’t actually see at what point that was going to happen until a moment ago I’m quite pleased.

Being honest, I’m fully aware that we don’t always achieve what we set out to do, but ultimately it’s important to try and usually we get back up and try again. I’ve put writing regularly down for a while now so I think it’s about time I got consistent with that too. I’ve just about made Sunday.

When it comes to training I’ve still got good people around me to keep me motivated and I like the style of Thai I’m being taught. I’ve changed slightly and I’m sure they’ll be more improvements the more consistent I am and the more I train. It’s a long road as they say but a good one… no doubt I’ll see you on it soon.

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