Flights of fantasy are no comfort zone.

Well, here we are again you and me. It’s nice to see you as always, and I’m on time for once. It looks like at the very least so far this year, my service is improving. I’d like to say the same about my local bus company but First have got a lot to learn. Anyway, that’s a rant that’s worthy of a blog in itself. So how was last week training?.. well, it was a good couple of sessions and I’m moving into second gear this week onwards.

I’ve decided to start training in a  K1 on a Friday from time to time to fill things out a little and to start heading towards training a full week again. 4 sessions a week rather than just a few easily leads into 5. I’ve always found when I train as much as I possibly can I get the best results. Practice doesn’t always make perfect straight away but I like to have as much of it as I can in my life. It’s pretty easy to sit down in the comfort of your living room and say “I am going to…..” but it’s the intention and the action that produces results.

I’ve spent a lot of time whilst  writing this blog talking about intention and focus and in 2017 it’s still just as important as ever to me. Especially, when let’s face I’ve spent 12 months being a little slacker than I’d like but you know what?.. from time to time lazy is ok and like I said last time (or maybe the blog or two before) I’ve been glad of the time off. It’s helped me get my focus back and I feel determined to make what was rapidly begin to feel like a flight of fantasy into me being prepared to step out of comfort zone again, and back into the ring.


Sitsongpeenong, Kamala, Phuket 2014. Hopefully I’ll make a 3rd trip to Thailand later in the year.  

Intention as always is key. Procrastination and lack of focus always remains a constant enemy and the best way to tackle any challenge is to step into it. Years ago I never thought I would ever fight, but then I did.

But saying that, a year or so before that I never thought I would be brave enough to do an interclub but then I did. At one point, even watching people sparring in my gym made me nervous and the very real thought at the time  of “I wish I could do that” is something that still makes me smile when I think about it.

I’ve always been a bit of a day dreamer and I think it’s developing focus and intent that has helped me make the shift from simply wanting something to actually going out and doing it. Especially if it puts me out my comfort zone. It’s in those places I’ve found the biggest rewards and they have often helped me grow and be a little bigger than I was the day before.

So really, when it comes to the rest of this month I’ve got every intention of clambering back onto that horse of mine and make sure that from here on in I’ve got my head and my heart focused on what I want because I know it’s as a good as mine. And besides, the heart is where I live. Have a good week, train hard and just like the last time, I’ll see you on that road.

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