Year of the horse.

Well, 2017 has arrived. As always it’s good to be here and just like always it good to be able to sit down and write. I think I finished 2016 on a reasonably good note training wise and I feel just as committed to succeeding this year as I was the year before that. And that. Some things don’t change. You know something? in hindsight, everything changes. Nothing’s permanent. When it comes to fighting it’s how you adapt and I guess the same rule applies to life.

If I seem a little more thoughtful than usual today it’s probably because I am. About half an hour ago I picked up a book off my bookshelf (yes I have one. It’s pretty big and it’s pretty full and I love it.) that I forgot I had “Notes from the Universe”  I bought a while back. I flicked through the book and smiled but felt very sad.

You see I’d been thinking about a close friend of mine. She loves some of the stuff in the book and there is some very beautiful pieces of writing. Very inspirational throughout and some very touching and also quite funny. I bought it because it seemed to leap out at me at the time and back then it’s what I needed.

I discovered shortly after that through the power of Facebook that yesterday was the birthday of a very old friend of mine. At one point he was one of my “main mates ” as was his brother Matt. We all lost him many years ago and it was then I realized I bought the book on the day I said goodbye to him for the last time. I picked up the book for a reason that much I’m sure.

It made me think about how much Si seemed to love the fact I had started Thai boxing. I can remember telling him about it via message when I was over in Spain one year seeing my parents wishing that I could sit down and talk to him because he used to box. It was at the point I had my first fight coming up and was still caught up in interclub fever. Even through the PC screen he’d seemed enthusiastic telling me to keep it up.

We’d promised to catch up with each other when I got back. I’d seen him a couple of years previously. Sadly that was the last time we spoke face to face,  but despite that I think if he could see all the work I’ve put in and how I’ve finally got around to sorting  my life out I think he’d smile. Actually, I think he’d probably grin.


Memories like that at points keep me inspired and remind me that although it’s a long road in many respects I’ve come a long way. I’ll still be training when I’m 60 and you know what? I’ve still got those couple of years left in me.

The first session back training yesterday was tough but I was surprised to find how quickly I settled into it. It’s always good to shift a couple of kgs after Christmas. I’m not at the “arr me back!” stage yet I’m pleased to say. I’m still young, I’m in good shape and I’m going to be bold and say I think I’ve still got it. When I’m not dropping my guard and getting punched in the face that is.

So if last year was my year off then this year is most certainly going to be the year of the horse. I don’t think I’ve ever really got off or looked back but you know what I mean. It’s good to know that where there’s a will there’s always going to be a way and all I can ever try and do is be better than who I am.

It’s training tonight, so I’ll have to apologize for the brief synopsis today. It’s just that at the moment I don’t have a lot to say, but there’s a few people I’m thinking of. So if anything this week’s musings are dedicated to you. I’ll be back as usual (for real this time) on Sunday this week. Happy new year all, thanks as always for reading.  And just like the last time.. I’ll see you on that road.


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