How you come back.

Last week at the gym was as always a good one, but what wasn’t so good was getting bitten by a dog last Friday on my finger. I guess it was my own fault because I love animals and I just wanted to stroke him as I walked past.

He’d had a hard time in life and so gave me a warning bite, so here I am today moaning for what seem likes the hundredth time about my bloody finger. There’s a photo I took earlier I shared on my Facebook that I’m going to spare you but suffice to say it’s been painful but I’ll live. (Just about)

Needless to say that’s most certainly going to affect the weeks training ahead, so despite going for a good run earlier I’m going to take this evening off and hopefully clamber back on the horse for the rest of the week. I think even if I was missing several fingers I’d still find the will and the way to make it to the gym.


I think we all pick up injuries sustained in training or otherwise from time to time, and the nice thing about Thai is that I’ve usually found a way to work around them if they aren’t too life threatening, and I’m not about to turn into a zombie due to a multi-coloured finger nail. (Sorry) It’s most certainly the sensible option to rest up and heal, but if your anything like me you’ll never like to stay away for too long.

I realized quick quickly with training and with fighting (in fact I’m still realizing )that like with the rest of  the little inconveniences and the occasional hard ball life throws at me it’s important to be able to adapt to the situation and the circumstance. I guess really that goes back to the fundamental rule of being able to cope under pressure.

In the fight in the picture above (a draw ) I was under a lot of pressure. He was a tough fighter and it was a clinch war. I came out of it wishing I’d done more than draw but grinning from ear to ear. “Good fight. Good fight brother” I said a couple of times when the ref held our hands up in unison.

Being honest, it was one of those fights where although I’d worked hard I wished I worked a little harder. I still came away feeling that I’d done my best and as I spent the majority of the fight knee deep in clinch I was pretty pleased with how I’d fought. A lot to lot learn but another step forward.

I guess really that was the main thing. Besides, I thought I nearly stopped him with my knees in the 3rd or 4th. Wearing him down staying locked up in the clinch had let me get some decent knees straight into his ribs. It’s a good feeling when you feel someone buckle a little. A voice yells “I’m winning!..until you get some back.


I’ve always had trouble dealing with hands when it comes to fighting. People seem to enjoy trying to rush me, so I’m pleased that over time my clinch has got a lot better. As well as my jaw. That always helps. I’ve never been knocked out fighting but I have been stopped a couple of times. That sucks, but toughens you up as well. I guess you adapt to that too.

If I’m coming across as a little too seasoned today I can only apologize but some days I feel it. I’ve had some tough fights and I’ve learnt a lot from them. I’ve learnt to adapt and I’ve also learnt what does and doesn’t work for me. I have been and always will be my own worst critic but I think these days there’s a little more experience sitting here than before.

I’m pissed off that training is probably going to be hindered for the next week or so because of another injury but I guess that’s life. We get given these things to test us from time to time so I guess it’s down to me how I deal with it. I just need to remember not to attempt to jab under any circumstances and I’m sure I’ll be fine.

On the plus side of things it means I get to work on my cross. I like that punch. It’s awesome. Not everything has to start with your hands anyway. They don’t call it the art of eight limbs for nothing.

So I guess that’s it from me until later in the week. I thought I’d leave you all with a bit of Muay Thai from my favourite fighter.. A bit of pressure never hurt anyone. Oh and I might be fighting in December. 🙂 So anyway,enjoy, train hard and just like the last time.. I’ll see you on that road.

Sangthongnoi vs Pornsanae – New Lumpini Stadium, 10th October 2014






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